"an old problem"

if anyone was watching hard knocks on nfl network today, you would have seen casey in kc's training camp. in a game against cleve. he got in and looked good but on 3rd and 3 from the 3, the narrator said "an old problem" resurfaced-alluding to casey's apparent case of fumble-itis. we can't have that,you told us to get our popcorn ready, you better deliver.

city legend

Thats history Casey will be just fine he has legs not like the Gun D Mac ! can't wait to see what he can do with the proper tools in the tool box!


Seriously, you just called out Casey and he hasn't even taken a snap this year. All I can say is WOW!

But some guy on the NFL network said something, so it must be true. Well no hope for 2008 now. Let's hope 2009 will be better for us.

Everything that comes from any media is always true..

He can't be Any worse then last Starting QB we Had. Some Guy Name Maas..

Printers was worse than maas last year,

I Disagree for One reason
Maas Had a Camp and time learn the Book
Casey had to learn on the Fly
Plus He was hurt last year.
We don't know if he be any better for another few weeks.

Maas was hurt too if you want to get technical. If printers was hurt he shouldnt have played. He came in shooting his mouth off about himself and taking over the team. My point is he was worse than maas and he was. Everyone is sure chang is a write off after two starts but now a proven mvp who shot his mouth off about how great he is and didnt perform gets a break? I hope he is good, he was good at one time.

Because Printers showed he has game the other two did not. The fans could clearly see Printers has what it takes and was throwing great deep balls that were usually dropped, while with Maas everyone could tell his arm was shot and with Chang he was just plane brutal with his accuracy and reads.

Also a q.b can't come in late in the season and be expected to do much, he knew where his primary receiver was and that's it.

Popcorn at IW isn't very good any way.

Richie will give the all a run for their money this year.

It was getting to be a serious/interesting topic and then this comes out of left field and I must say I actually laughed out loud :lol: Well said HfxTC well said lol

Casey came here with a lot of fanfare and his signing breathed life into a franchise that was on the ropes.

If hes hurt, or fails to perform up to the high expectations of the local faithful, it's gonna be a long season.

I agree 100% with Beetle! Casey was hurt and had worse #s than Maas. If he didn't know the playbook then he shouldn't have been playing. Isn't he a great improviser anyways?

Why do we give Printers a break? We threw both Chang and Maas under the bus and Casey was driving it, when in fact, Casey should have been there with them.

It's just like Rob and Mike! Those guys can't do anything wrong!

Maas and Chang deserved to be thrown under the bus because it was obvious to many that they were a big part of the problem. Printers deserves a break because he is the most physically gifted q.b to play in this league since Doug Flutie.

I guess Maas fans are just bitter because they all thought and probably wanted the fans to boo Printers out of town, which is not going to happen so deal with it.

I am not a maas fan. Someone made a comment that printers couldnt possibly be any worse than maas and I said he already was, last year. Its quite simple really if you look at the numbers printers was much worse than maas.

I'm pretty sure that CP was WAY out of shape when he got here (little bird told me). Hard to get into shape when you play too soon and get injured (hamstring / toe). Wait until this year to pass any judgement upon CP. If he shows up out of shape again, the cats are in trouble. I think that he was played because of the money that he was getting and the need to keep the fans in the stands.

Wait for camp to judge Chang as well. A year in the trenches can teach a soldier alot.

His numbers probably were far worse, but he did show his talents even though the numbers don't back it up, he showed he can throw the best deep ball in the league, can throw on the run with great accuracy, can escape the rush. I think it's because of all that is the reason a lot of fans aren't tossing him under the bus.

He wasn't reading the defences as well as Maas but once he learns the system that shouldn't be a problem.

His mouth was working just fine :wink: