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To all the CFL fans,
As I sit here in Summerville, South Carolina, (coaching High School football and loving every second of it) I just want to let you know how much I miss the CFL and it's great traditions it has embodied for so many years. After playing at Penn State (for a legend) as well as in the NFL for three years and then coaching on the college level (the States) for 20 years, my 4 year experience (too short) in the CFL ranks right up there with some of my fondest memeories. (Good times as well as bad times!). Having only eight teams in the league, the need to WIN NOW is always at a premium! I still stay up to date on all the games, as well as Forums, and the thing that upsets me the most is the negativism that is cast on some really good individuals who truly play and coach for the love of the game. Please remember these individuals are not paid the millions of dollars that their prima-donna counterparts(south of the border) are paid. I have played with as well as against players who are in the College and NFL football Hall of Fame, but some of them pale in comparison, character wise, to the some of the greats in the CFL ( Marwan Hage and Aaron Fiaconni, to name a few). The fans on the street, in both Hamilton as well as Edmonton, have been an inspiration to me because of their passion for the game. Please do not let those select few who have not been in the arena, those who have not shed the blood, sweat and tears, those who have not experienced the thrill of victory as well as agony of defeat, and, finally, those who have not been beyond the confines of their laptop, bring disrespect to the integrity of a great tradition, The Canadian Football League! With warm regards, Jeff Bleamer


Thanks for the post.
Good to hear from you. :thup:

What a great post,Thankyou Jeff!

Nice post coach !

Once a Tiger-Cat, always a Tiger-Cat I say 8)

Interesting perspective, Thank-You.

Very well said, and a point to be taken to heart.

Thanks for posting, Coach Jeff. Please come back often.

Thank you for putting it into perspective for us. Welcome to the site. Your insights are always welcome here.

Nice to hear from you, Jeff.

I appreciate that someone like you, someone who has been there and done that

took the time to come on ticats. ca to tell us about the respect

that the CFL earned from you in the short time you were here in Canada

and advise us not to listen to the naysayers who put the CFL down.

You're right, Jeff, we should focus on the CFL fans in the street

and in stadiums across Canada who support this great league.

As an 8 team league the CFL definitely keeps excitement up,

especially in games played between geographically close rivals.


Personally, I haven't listened to CFL put down artists for a long time

but I know lots of people who do and they get very upset by it.

Jeff: Thank you for your insight and for reaffirming what most of us CFL fans already know, but in moments

of passion about our team, tend to forget occasionally.

Its great to hear from a man like yourself since you have experienced football on both sides of the border.

Please don't be a stranger!

Regards, Rocky.

Thank you, Jeff, for those kind and reassuring words, your thoughts hold great significance coming from one who was a part of this great game.

Please come back often and soon, we are always open for your insights and knowledge.

Coach Miss you hope your doing well

I truly appreciate the responses I've recieved from my original post. (especially from OnKnight, who was my biggest supporter as well as my biggest detractor, depending on how my o-line played, which was justified. Luv ya man!) Being from a blue collar town, Allentown, PA, I knew from the first time I set foot in The Hammer I said to myself " This is my home away from home" and I apologize that I let you down. My dad, who passed away 10 years ago, was a full time fire fighter as well as a part time roofer (as blue collar as one could get), would have loved to have been a part of of the Ivor Wynn crazies! You'se guys (in the Allentown, as well as the Philadelphia, venacular) are the BEST! Love each and every one of you, Bleam

Hey Bleamer, great posts. We are really all brothers and sisters. But, some of us have an affiliation. :slight_smile: As we remember, we keep in mind for tomorrow.

Coach you know I really loved your coaching Style
Please take care..