An Offensive Explosion!!!!!!

It was thrilling to see the Leos make the necessary changes to their offence to really hurt a blitzing defence. Some thoughts:

  1. The Leos offence made some necessary adjustments in the break which were important. Some examples were moving the pocket with slide protection and some designed rollouts for Dickenson with good blocking schemes, using the screen and dump pass to Warren effectively, having safety valves and hot reads in the six reciever set or having slotbacks block in specific situations. The Leos utilized play action more effectively with some new wrinkles including a fake reverse. Heck, they even used the quarterback draw in the six reciever set. The blocking schemes were much better and Warren was utilized off tackle more effectively rather than being used exclusively inside. Finally, when they threw the ball long the quarterbacks didn’t wait until the last second (and take a huge hit) for the deep receiver to come open but threw earlier and allowed the reciever to run under the ball. Some of these changes weren’t huge but their impact was. I’ve been on Chapdelaine’s butt a number of times this season for poor strategy against blitzing teams and play calling. He deserves a lot of credit this game (and Wally does too for using the break to have another look at the offence) The changes were all that was necessary to turn an inconsistent offence to one that was explosive at times and really caused Ottawa a world of hurt when they blitzed.
  1. Punt Returns. All season I’ve hoped the Leos would turn their punt return team loose by allowing Lockett to go wide more often rather than just taking it upfield. The Leos set up the picket fence a lot more this game. It allowed the Leos blockers better angles rather than straight ahead blocking, trying to push the blocker to a side. Lockett, by starting laterally, had either the option to reach the wall or to cut up inside if he saw a gap. Once Lockett can get past the first wave his speed in the open field is awesome. His speed and that one quick burst are his greatest assets. The Leos better utilized his talent and the Leos blockers got the opportunity to make some great blocks.

  2. Defence. The Leos defence was impressive again. Phillips is just an amazing cover guy who blankets receivers, Young is really smart. Miles had a great game. Great to see Washingoton block a punt and make a big contribution early. The Leos speed and pursuit on defence, combined with Ritchie’s schemes make them a tough defence to play against. They gave up some points late trying to defend against the long pass but throughtout most of the game they defended the hell out of Ottawa.

I anticipated Dickenson would start and he played very well…and importantly didn’t aggravate his shoulder. Pierce is an excellent number two quarterback who really sees the field well…impressive for a rookie quarterback…his future sure looks bright. Jackson looked rusty as he should have, coming back from a thumb injury…his passing was off but he made an excellent run and got some game time experience which can only help our depth.

An impresssive win…we looked like a championship team in all three areas tonite…a great way to start the second half of the season.

Blitz. Your amazing. Great writing, Keep it up I enjoy it. But! What about our place kidking?

Yeah, I hope the Western Final or Greycup game doesn't come down to a 15 yard FG try..... :shock:

But! What about our place kidking?
Our place kicking is a worry and may remain that way all season. While O'Mohoney missed another easy field goal attempt he did go five for seven. I thought the game, in which he had the opportunity to attempt a high number of field goals was good for his confidence and you could see that in his body language as the game went on.

When we signed O'Mahony he was a punter who Wally has tried to turn into a field goal kicker. He's only in his second season kicking field goals and doesn't have a lot of experience. He's going to be our field goal kicker for the remainder of the season so I think we have to get behind him because getting down on him will only make things worse. He's an excellent punter.

We'll have to look at how he finished the remainder of this season. If the Leos could get a good Canadian field goal kicker next year and were willing to use two Canadian position to share the kicking and punting duties it might be the long term solution. O'Mahoney could also develop into an excellent field goal kicker over time...hard to say.

O'Mahoney kicked a huge last second pressure 46 yard field goal last year in the Western final so don't count him out in a tough situation. When the Leos recruited Duncan O'Mahoney to be their field goal kicker and punter I wondered if he could do both jobs due to his lack of experience in field goal kicking. The book is still out but I think he's going to play better in the second half of the season.

I don't really know what to make of O'mahoney , he misses lots but then looks great at other times . A very good punter though , didn't he punt one for about 66 yards or so in the game?
On the other hand it seems like most teams kickers are struggling this year . In yesterdays Stamp/Esk game Deanglis missed a couple too and he's supposed to be real good.
It's just not like it used to be when we had all the great kickers in the league with Lui , Ridgeway , Cutler, Ruof and others who all could be called upon for 50+ yard field goals realistically . And 40 yarders were almost automatic. Wasn't that the way it was or does it just seem like that to me?