An NFL plus

there is one play that is not in the CFL that I really enjoy. That is when they punt the ball and it bounces in the returning teams endzone in the air and a punt team player dives in and knocks the ball out so that a teammate can down it inside the two. The best I saw recently when one player knocked the ball back, but not quite far enough, and a teammate also dove in and grabbed the ball before it hit the ground and threw it back into play. Simply awesome to watch.

Is awesome but no where near as awesome of the play in the CFL where the punter recovers his own kick, to compare the two albeit this doesn’t happen often.

it is only more awesome when the punter recovers his own kick and takes it to the right endzone

Disagree, a punter recovering their own punt regardless what happens afterwards is way more impressive than some guys downfield in the NFL keeping the punted ball out of the endzone which happens much more routinely. No comparison with “wow factor” in my books for this comparison.

But hey, to each his own.

If the kick bounces in the end zone, it is a touch back and brought out to the returning team’s 20 yard line.

well, if you going to be picky, I guess I should have said “if it bounces in TO the endzone”

Yes, you should have said the accurate thing, not the inaccurate thing.

please forgive me