An invitation from the Ticats Cheerleaders !

You’re all invited!

click here for details

I would rather see a link Especially since I have never seen you here before!
I dont click blind links!

It's a long goes to a thread on ""

The admins here from MRX know me well

No offence but we dont!

I just want to know what are they inviting us to?? :wink:

Something fun and well worth it..... 8)

well i dont know you, so ill take a pass...

lol....this is funny......oh well, your choice...... :smiley:

[url=] ... ic&t=12924[/url]

Here is the link above.

If I was in Hamilton I would go. Bowling is fun. Bowling with hot girls is even more fun

I hope to be going Mikey, of course I live in Hamilton. Now, do I try and get the wife to go with me as a night out sort of thing, or do I leave her at home maybe so I can chat a bit more with the cheerleaders? Hmmm, tough call. Ah, will try and see if the wife wants to go to keep me out of trouble I guess.

gonna be alot of strike.......outs that night I bet.........looks like fun Lonnie going to be there.........:slight_smile:

No, I think these girls are too old for him at what, average age 15-18?. He likes em in the 10-13 range I think, no?


.......the 10 - 13 range IQ, I bet Earl............:slight_smile:

I just dont click links fom people i dont know

Is this some kind of Big Lebowski party for football fans? Man I wish I lived in Hamiltion.

I agree with you sambo
This guy says the link is too long to post yet he makes 3 posts defending it and saying it is safe!

I value my computer too much to click on blind links!

If the invitation was geniune, it would be on the Ti-cat site and i dont see it there

You're right and his refuals to post the entire link is rather suspicious dont ya think?