An "interesting" season awaits us!

It was nice to see Jason Clermont again. Too bad for us he was wearing Rider green. :frowning: Let's hope Ian Smart is not seriously injuried. If it's a groin pull he could be out for several weeks. Remember what happened to Roberto Luongo of the Canucks? Perhaps someone has an update on Smart's prognosis.

Mallet looks very good and we should be expecting good things from him. I'm surprised Wally didn't put J. Jackson in at QB when he lost Smart and especially when Mallet had injury problems. Jackson is an excellent scrambler and very hard to bring down. He could have made some good rushing yardage.

What's happening with McCallum? A 40 yard missed field goal? Like he didn't have enough of those in pre-season? And then he drops the ball on a punt? Was the ball wet? Not! Sorry for the sarcasm guys but McCallum seems to be in dreamland these days.

After generating only one td in the first half, Wally's decision making process yet again baffles me. J. Jackson should have been sent in. Buck is a professional and at this point in time does not need "confidence" building assuming that was the reason Wally kept him in. If these guys aren't playing with confidence as pros by now then something is wrong.

I was glad to see Simon back in after getting injured. As far as the offensive line is concerned- look out. Yes, there are "holes" to fill but man o' man it was like pouring water over a cheese grater. Very few holding penaties against the Lion's offensive line. Why? Cause most of the time the Rider's front 4, or 3 or at times what appeared 2 were able to get to the QB with impunity.

Too bad for Green to fumble the ball just before the end of the 2 quarter. Full marks for effort! I want Grice- Mullens to eat some honey sandwiches before game time so his hands are nice and sticky. Too many dropped balls.

I thought the Lions were going to pull it off. They seemed to finally figure out the Rider's offense after the first half. But the outcome did not surprise me.

Anyone know what Wally was thinking when they went for the field goal with just a few minutes left? Why not punt it and pin them deep?

Couldn’t agree more! Reid had probably one of worst games ever…I think he is over-rated anyway, and both tackles looked inept and confused. The biggest problem as I see it is the inability to adjust and that falls squarely on the shoulders of the coaching staff. I’ve never been a fan of Chapdelaine’s system as it forces the quarterback to hold the ball too long waiting for the patterns to develop. I don’t blame the quarterbacks at all for the lousy offensive performance. It’s really hard to execute when you’re running for your life.

On the bright side, I’m a closet Roughrider fan so I’m quite happy with the win, but whenever the Lions are playing any other team, I revert to being a Leo fan!

With the poor play of the O-Line, the smartest play I saw called was the screen pass to Ian Smart, unfortunately that was the play he pulled up limp with a groin injury. That showed to me that the play-calling had adapted to what the Sask defence was doing, I couldn't believe they only did it once and then went away from it. They should have kept calling it, even if it was to Mallett or Lyle Green, or even doing a wide receiver screen from the bunch formation, dump it to Paris Jackson or Grice-Mullen and watch Simon block.

Good point Chris. The screen play I think is one of the most effective plays in cases where the opposition are continually getting at the QB. 5 and 6 yard gains are almost no brainers. Buck Pierce must have had some nightmares when he went to bed last night.