An interesting read, Re:GASS

Love him or hate him, I've got to hand it to Marty on this one! :thup:

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He is "Bang On" to question this "Gass" thing! :thup:

I'm just not too sure about his prediction for Monday! :expressionless:

Gass didn't even have a defence. Comiskey grabbing his junk (whether it happened or not) doesn't justify him doing something else wrong.
You'd think an Arbitrator would side with the league 9 times out of 10, maybe this was the 1....just happened to be the first one too!

I'm not pleased that it makes Cohon and the CFL look weak!

You’d think that maybe an independent arbitrator would maybe not also be a season ticket holder of Eskimoe seats…


sounds independent to me.

Bingo! :lol: That's what I was getting at! :wink:

Too bad these forums don't get read as much by other CFL would be interesting to see what other fans think about this!

Any way to get this on the other forums?

The best part of the whole article was where Marty York admitted that the Argos suck, something Ticat fans have been trying to tell everyone for a couple of years.
Guess we scooped Marty on that one.

you can post it HERE Woody, the forum gets alot of traffic

Thanks...without re-posting...maybe a mod could move this thread :wink: :lol:

Maybe His Honour could be caused to explain where Gass did something that was directly against the rules, so clearly and so on camera, and the rules were not applied...

Maybe if some Cat player takes Bishop's helmet (w or w/o head) off in Monday's tilt, and tosses it down the field, he can get this same "judge" to "arbitrate" and claim a "precedence" on any such ruling?

It makes you sick, that a decent call by a zebra needs four days to be approved by the Commissioner, and that an Arbitrator who is a member of the Judiciary should throw such an obvious call...

And, yes, Marty, your team does ****, and you are going down on Monday...

You guys should check out the main forum. Thats were the fans from all the teams hang out!

There is a direct link to here as well as the main forum and all the other team forums!
You dont even need to sign up. You use the same password and login name on the CFL forum as you do here.
As matter of fact, I posted this from the CFL forum!