An interesting idea !!!

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Think they sent Marcel Desjardins one "on the house?"

It's a good thing our boy d'Angelo is currently 'hors de combat'.

I could see him jumping in with a celebratory brew to mark the occasion.

We must be thankful for small mercies.

Well Crash im happy with the youth on our team and players who were brought in . Well see that next season .

 If he`s as terrible as some think then why did he get picked up by Montreal so fast ?? Are they saying Popp doesnt know what he`s doing either ??

He's a water boy in Montreal.... he gets Popp his gatorade when its hot.

Of course he is Crash , that`s what all assistant GMS do in Football !!!!

Whatever he did it obviously didn't properly prepare him for life as a GM.

Whatever, hes the past and another mistake, id rather talk about other mistakes like Kevin Eakin and Andy Petek before him.

Makes me want to crack open an Amstel I didn't open, circa 1999. ROTFLMAO

If people in Saskatchewan kept waiting for commemorative alcohol for their Cup conquests, they'd still have Prohibition, what? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Anyhoo, good on Rider Nation for getting soused because of earning the Grail. Whether Marcel is culpable or not, Kerry Joseph got the deal done and deserves the all the accolades for the job well done!

Oski New Year,

Crash so what your saying is assistant GMS are nobodys in pro football ??

 And what your also saying is that Popp isnt a smart football man and he could of gotten just about anyone to do what the assistant does ??????? I just want to be clear on what your trying to say here .

Explain to me please how he hired this so called mistake back SO SOON after he was fired from Hamilton . I`d also liked to know when the meeting is set up between you and OB so he doesnt get rid of anymore of your FAVOURITE players .

In short, a good backup QB isnt always a great starting QB. A good assistant GM is not always a great GM when given the chance.

Different skill sets are required to do each job, so what if Popp hired him back? he hired him back to do the same job he did there for years before being given a different job here which he failed at.

Im done this argument with you because its so repetitive, Marcel's record speaks for itself and my favourite player's stats speak for themselves.

So I guess what we`re saying here is that unless a new GM has a winning record in his first season and GETS RID OF ANY of Crashes fav. players then he is a failure and should be fired ?? Cause Hamilton had tons of talent and ANYBODY ELSE who was chosen for Gm would of led us right to the playoffs ??

It would be very interesting to see how many GMs in thier first seasons had losing records but then went on to glorious carreers . If anyone has a list of gms and thier season records i think it would be very interseting reading .

The real problem here is that it was guys you liked as players that he got rid of and you figure with them we`d be a solid playoff team with a secure future because of all the young talent we had ??? Especially because of our record the year prior with that roster !!!

You gotta drop the favorite players thing... the only player I didnt agree with losing was Flick. Morreale was my favorite player ever and you didnt see me freak out over that decision did you? Wayne Smith? Hitch? Nope. I made my feelings known about one player and its because of the way he was treated.

The real problem ISNT the ONE player he got rid of, ive made that known. The problem was the attitude he created around this franchise... read the articles about ALL of the former Ticats being happy to leave, happy they arent here anymore... doesnt that bother you? that other guys are thanking God they were shipped out? Doesnt it bother you that guys like Tay Cody want to leave because of the attitude and atmosphere that MARCEL DESJARDINS created around this club? The Argos have created an "Argo Family" that people want to be apart of, Edmonton is known as the model franchise and Saskatchewan has become the sweethearts of the CFL with Austin and Tillman.

Your witch hunt to refer to one player around every post I make is getting tiresome... you've made your point, Flick is a 10th rate receiver that shouldnt be starting on any CFL team and didnt contribute much to the Grey Cup team at all. Its your opinion and I applaud you for sticking to it all this time regardless of everything that happened.

If he gets 2000 receiving yards he gets it because of the offense, if he gets 200 yards hes a bad receiver. He has a great regular season you say he'll disappear in the playoffs, he has a big playoff game and you say it was really only one catch.

Congratulations, you've managed to choose an argument you cant lose. I should pick my battles more wisely next time.

Do us both a favour and drop it, you win. Im sure our receivers THIS year will make me forget about him cause last year that certainly didnt happen.

You're right about DesJardins not being successful, but you're aimed at too specific a target with the quoted paragraph. The debacle that has been the Hamilton Ticats did not begin with Desjardins - it just continued with DesJardins.

You likely noticed that the entire management team and most of the roster have turned over several times this decade. To an extent that I've never seen in a professional sports organization (and I am, as you recently pointed out, an old man). Who, given a choice, wants to be a part of something like that? The effect of management turmoil is cumulative - you can live for a year or two with a GM or coach you don't like, but if the names keep changing and things stay just as bad, only bad in a different way, who wouldn't want out.

There are several GMs/coaches/players that have been spectacularly unsuccesful under the current regime - some will do just fine elsewhere, some won't. I haven't heard many people on here saying DesJardins did a great job in Hamilton. Some have pointed out that there were successes (some good young players, a reduced payroll, the ability to absorb a star QBs salary) among the mistakes (terrible coordinators, too much salary dumping). Some think he did what he was expected to do ("blow it up", as they say). Some just want to see the team stick with some plan, any plan, for more than one year. But even people that think he did a poor job may defend him when he is labeled THE problem in an organization where the problems so obviously began long before he came to town.

The other franchises you cite as models have done many things well, over a period of years, to gain their reputation among players and other football people as a good place to be. The difference in reputation between those franchises and the Ticats is much, much greater than one year under Marcel DesJardins.

Wouldn't you accept that while Marcel DesJardins did, on the whole, a bad job with the Cats, the Cats situation was an extremely difficult one to have done a great job with? That while there is nothing in his time here to indicate he will be a good GM, the circumstances were such that the jury is still out on him?

Very well put 72 but on the surface it appears that Marcel D added to the turmoil with his public statements. I'd give the guy more time to learn media relations and I'd definately cutr himsome slack on player personelle as he inherited a disaster. The question people need to ask is this: Were we better positioned to succeed before or after his arrival. Since prospects could not have been worse than when he arrived I find this question entirely fair. My response to it would have to be we were no better nor worse. From the depths we find ourselves that is unacceptable.

Rob Katz didnt say too much to the media, he went about his business and was able to sign some free agents (Ranek, re-sign Maas, etc), he landed Corey Holmes, signed Terry Vaughn and had us in a position where we ALL expected the team to be at least competitive.

That year's coaching staff was poor, everybody around here screamed for the heads of Paopao, Marshall and Kavis. They got their wish... the point is at THAT point in time players obviously WANTED to be here, because many of them came here on their own accord.

As for the cap, you're telling me that after cutting Vaughn, Ranek, Cotton, Cheatwood and Yeast we werent under the cap? Poppycock.

After that season, A couple tweaks and re-signings, combined with a couple free agents and last year's team would have been a playoff team IMO. Imagine keeping Ralph, Flick, Smith, Justin, Kornegay. Combine them with Maas (presumably healthy at the time) Lumsden, add Armstead, Moreno, Setta and all of the sudden you have something better than a 3 win team with guys that have CFL experience, less rookies. Throw into the equation that Marcel doesn't come in as the dictator he was but trys to re-negotiate with some, doesn't force two legends into retirement but re-assesses their roles and you have a better attitude around this team. I will concede that we would have not had the cap room to sign Printers if Marcel didnt do this.... but lets not pretend he did it on purpose. He had no idea Casey was going to become available, and we're now hearing it was Bob Young, Scott Mitchell and even Ron Foxcroft that had a hand in that.

Players talk and the things Marcel pulled got around the league. Just like Tillman and Austin are changing the reputation Shivers built.

You are right, there was SOMEWHAT of a morale problem around this team before MD got here, but make no mistake, he ran this team into the ground with his brash nature, hard-nosed no BS attitude and people did not respond to it. See Tay Cody.

Yep, but what truly sealed his fate was how he didnt make the team better and arguably made it worse. Most players will tolerate any management style (Murphy, Buono, Matthews)because they want personal goals to be met but just as important they want to be a part of something successful.Nice guy or tyrant if players dont see success...
So be it if it takes one individual to be hard nosed and kick some arse to make changes that lead to success players willcome here and stay.
So far Mitchell is that guy and so far he's getting things done.(Rambo, Obie)
A few might wet their pants and throw a tantrum over Mitchell's style but when this team is finally turned around who will remember or even care?

Again nobody answered my question about Gms records in the first year taking over a terrible team .

In Sask. they only had to get one game further than they have in the past under the other regime . He did that , so now we`ll judge him on his ability to stay on top ala the BC Lions . To me that is more important than a one season wonder .

Dejardins took over an awful team with terrible morale . Flick played like a house on fire in Sask . Why didnt he dive for balls like that his last few seasons in Hamilton ?? If you watched tape of Flick in his last season here there is now way you would want to pay him the money he was making or even have him around .

Dejardins was trying to get rid of the core he had here and bring in new blood . Can you do that all in one season ?? Not a chance !!! He got probably 4 of the most important spots covered with good talent on the team for next season . QB , kicker, MLB and Rush End He failed at reciever ( but how was he to know Holmes would be a bust here ? and Lumsden and Tal Gardner would be hurt ?? )

And how about the O line ? probably a strength and most likely the youngest in the CFL . Is that not a plus going into next season ???

He failed in the secondary thats for sure he knows that and would of solidified that in the off season im sure . I dont think OB will have as big a job as some think . He`ll look like a genius and it will mostly be Dejardins and his crew who brought in the core . Also dont forget we get the first pick in the draft and that could be another Canadian starter to go along with the good core we already have .

To me , our team is much better than say the Argos who are old and thin in young stars !!!

Dejardins took over an awful team with terrible morale . Flick played like a house on fire in Sask . Why didnt he dive for balls like that his last few seasons in Hamilton ?? If you watched tape of Flick in his last season here there is now way you would want to pay him the money he was making or even have him around .
As i said, an argument i cant win. Theres a list of people that will agree he DID play like that in Hamilton... and if i was a video editor I would tape together those catches for you... but im not, and i wont cause its a lost cause.

The problem in Hamilton wasnot the recievers as much as the terrible QB situation. This to me wasone of the failures of Marcel, failing to accept that a search for a starting QB was one of his top priorities, certainly before evaluating the recieving corps

Untrue and incorrect.
From day one MD said Maas's job wasnt safe. He traded for Rocky Butler and brought in King who was the darling for a week or so and Chang who was nearly every ones' darling until he actually played. Then came Printers signing.
MD's failure in letting a quality receiver go and bringing in fringe talent compounded the problems of whoever was playing QB.
If anything it was the exact opposite of what you stated. He was more concerned about QB and didnt realize they had mostly nothing to throw to.