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I like youtube for everything! got the idea to type in jesse lumsden

I saw that video a while ago, I was happy to see it up.

BUT, why is it that Jesse belongs in the NFL? He's a great back. If he went south, he could land on a roster and hang on for a few years- like everyone else down there. He stays here, he'll shred records and be a franchise guy for 8 or 10 years. Why if he's good does it mean he should go south?

The nfl looked at jesse twice already, looked and looked, and they dont want him. He gut hurt both times he went. He is a great back if he is healthy, the nfl didnt miss him or overlook him, they saw him and dont want him. End of story and lets just hope he can stay healthy with the cats.


If he caught on with a NFL team for even two years as a depth guy, he could make what he'd make in his entire CFL career as a star. Plus, his pension would be so much sweeter.

But apart from money, if he truly believed that he's one of the best, it's only natural that he'd want to see if he could play with and beat the best. And like it or not, that's the NFL.

Unfortunately for Lumsden, as another poster has said, he tried twice and failed twice. No other NFL team thought he was even worth a further look.

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Its easy for everyone to say just take the 3rd string spot, you’ll earn more money… but people like Jesse want to play, its what they love doing. Maybe later on in the future as he matures more and gets some experience he’ll try again.

That will never Happen with the NCAA Pumping out a Ton Players out Every year
Why would any NFL Team Go after a 28-30 Year Jesse
Would they Can have 22 year old out Some Collage .
For less Money.

It is the CFL or Nothing for him.

That's always been my point when talking about CFL talent. The players you mention could also compete against Jesse for his CFL job. There is so much new talent coming out of the US. The import ratio is saving players like Jesse.

some people will hate me for saying this
But The Non Import Rule is killing our Game.
I'd do a way with it or have under 5 Canadians.

The Best Players should play Regardless of their Passport. This is affirmative Action for Canadians it is decimation. It should be stop.

I made post about this in my blog
I do away with non import rule with in next 4 years.

I agree. Yes, it is nice to see Canadian athletes get a shot. It is great to see them start. However, only if they deserve it. Players like Hitch and Jesse will make it regardless of who they are competing against.

But I don't like Canadian players making the roster unchallenged such as some Canadian receivers we've had in the past. Who was Brock Ralph's competition? Nobody. Who was Bauman's competition. Nobody. He got a chance to start and was eventually benched. I know we have a lot of Canadian receivers in camp this year, but that's my point - they don't have to compete in the general pool. They may not get a chance to compete for the spots held by Americans, but if there are not alot of Canadians competing then they start by default.

OnKnight is correct. It drags down the quality, entertainment value, and credibility of the CFL.

I agree Jesse wasnt looked over he had 2 looks and is not good enough. It's not politics racism etc ppl just cant get it through their head he just plain isnt good enough. He is a star in the CFL but he lacks a lot of the small things needed for a back to be succesful in the NFL. The small things he lacks are a product of playing ball in the CIS where time isnt spent like NCAA on techical things and where he was athletic enough that without those small things he could still get away with it

If you take a look at where most Canadians play, it's on the line, either DL or OL. These positions don't really take as much talent as an RB or reciever, QB etc. I would go out on a limb and say that the Canadians that are in the "talent positions" have earned their places as opposed to getting there because of the import ratio.

And personally, I'd rather see MORE Canadians than fewer. Why is it that players are automatically better if they come out of the States? Remember, Ricky Williams himself said that the talent level between the two leagues is close to equal. He did say that the only real difference is more consistancy south of the border, so our guys can't be that far off. Remember also, that it's been CANADA winning some kind of international Highschool football championship.

We have better players than they get credit for. Don't give in to the hype down south.

Ticart1 : I never said these players are better.
I said the should to have Fight for Job without affirmative Action Pollicy of the CFL
Why Should get Job Cause your Canadian

Thats it exactly. Jesse never played against a good enough talent level his whole life and never received quality coaching that he needed along the way. His pass blocking was lacking but is improving now, also, many people point out his upright style of running as being a cause of injuries. Had Jesse played high school or college in the states that would have been corrected when he was young enough, had the coaching been there. Instead everyone up here watched the kid his whole life bowl over people and sat in awe of his talent that noboby took the time to see fundamental flaws in his play. Somebody along the way down south would have corrected that. It is just the way it is. Had he been schooled down south he would be a better player than he is today. You cant go to nfl camp and learn on the fly because too many are already prepared to step in right away. I think he has a great career as a cfl back ahead of him if he stays healthy.

Has Jesse played in the US he would not have had the opportunity to play running back. He was recruited by NCAA schools, remember, but no one would look at him as a running back - he isn't the right "type" for the position. So much for the idea that talent is the only consideration in US ball.

How is it killing our game?

I wasn't even aware our game was in the process of being killed. I guess I must have missed your blog.

Has Jesse played in the US he would not have had the opportunity to play running back. He was recruited by NCAA schools, remember, but no one would look at him as a running back - he isn't the right "type" for the position. So much for the idea that talent is the only consideration in US ball.
I think it was reconized earlier on that he didnt have the talent to make it down south as a running back. Watching his videos and noted by o ther posters there you notice he doesnt have smooth cutbacks he is very choppy runner. is just one to thing to note. it was probably realized there is a lot more better and more schooled backs coming from the american high school system with a lot better technique and less things to correct. Why at this point correct and try fix all the big mistakes and bad habbits that probably shouldve been fixed in his freshman yr of high school. when itd simply be easier to play special teams and convert him to a less skilled position. based on talent he is a good back and star quality for the cfl but compared to the nfl backs or the ones he woulda competed against in ncaa he is nothing special maybe practice squad or 3rd string if he hit the right situation. at this point though no nfl team whats to develope a 28 yr old rb with so many holes in his game when they could simply bring a fresh face from college and fine tune him

Although Lumsden did get a couple of decent sniffs from NFL teams, something that a large majority of US high school trained backs coming out of the NCAA never get. If he has so many obvious holes in his game that US backs long ago had trained out of them, I don't know why the Redskins and Seahawks would waste the bus fare to bring him in for a look.

I'm not arguing that the NCAA doesn't attract and produce most of the best players. Or that Lumsden is the perfect back. Only that it's not a perfect system - there's a lot of typecasting done with very young, immature men, a lot of playing the averages and, although their systems are sophisticated enough to pick the winners more often than not, there are always going to be guys missed because at 19 years old they were two inches shorter, 15 points lighter or 0.5 seconds slower than the "ideal". Or because they didn't play for a big time school. Or they played for a big name school that had a disappointing year. Or were buried on the depth chart for four years behind a player more heavily recruited out of high school. Or because they weren't a perfect match for a particular coach's system - or temperment.

We all know now that, for decades, young black QBs were forced to switch to DB or WR to get a chance to play, and for years the NCAA/NFL experts/apologists claimed that the lack of blacks QBs was proof that blacks did not have the "necessary attributes" to play QB. Seems like a pretty big mistake for so many highly sophisticated experts to make.

I meat it like this :We are Missing out on Draft Players who have Talent From all over World by Only Drafting Canadians..

It is bad for Game it makes look so Bush League.

Although Jesse didn't make a NFL team twice, I still think that if he'd found himself in a different situation, he may have made it. There are so many factors that go into who makes a team and who gets cut (e.g. the number of RBs already under contract, NCAA collegiate RBs being pushed by the team's scouts, upfront bonuses paid to RBs, promises made when players were being recruited, ignorance of the CIS level of play, etc.). That said, these factors also play into the decisions made about marginal US players trying to land NFL jobs too.

As for the non-import rule, without it, CFL coaches would not be forced to groom Canadians to play. Typically, CIS players are not as polished as their US counterparts. It'd be too easy for CFL coaches to just sign Americans who could play at a high level immediately rather than groom Canadians who could reach that level in a year or two.

I'm all for the non-import rule. It is the CANADIAN Football League after all.

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