An interesting dilemma for David Braley...pending

Pap, I personally believe it's no worse than Bettman and co. owning the Yotes or a baseball commissioner owning a team previously. And MLS has had owners own 2 teams as well I think.

Optics are optics, people will say what they want to justify their position, just like I'm doing. The best thing is Braley did get the 100th in Toronto with a team there, it could have been left to someone else who may have botched the thing up and then that would have been real, real bad for the league. Braley did the right thing in owning the Argos to this point for this milestone date in Canadian football history, but I'm sure he'll divest himself of them soon enough in some way, shape or form.

It'll be interesting to see what happens but look for the Argos to be really on the market shortly and if no one is buying maybe they'll go into some sort of hibernation like the Renegades. It'll be left up to the people of Toronto what they want to do I think, there are enough big time multimillionaire people and businesses there to make a decision. And who knows, community ownership may be in order there as unlikely as that sounds in a large city like Toronto.