An interesting dilemma for David Braley...pending

As many of you are probably aware David Braley owns both the BC Lions and Toronto Argonauts franchises.

Should the Argos and Lions meet in the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto he will be faced with a most interesting dilemma. Who does he cheer or does he try and remain neutral? How do you remain neutral in a Grey Cup? I'm working on a couple of ideas and will let you all know later on.

How about tear away jerseys. He could start the game with 15-20 of these on and just rip away the one he has on when the other team has a good play. Or he could just carry one and jump behind the Gatorade table when he needs to change. 8)

Now you are talking CFL football dcmoses! I love the idea! Probably with all of those jerseys on he'd feel like the Michelin tire man!

I really don’t think he cares as long as he’s making more money.

Michelin Man for the tear away idea, but I was channeling Clark Kent for the Gatorade table. Hard to find a phone booth these days.

I don't disagree with you oilerrocker, but I think beaglehound was just trying to have a little fun with the idea. This is the CFL after all, think Sportscentres Craziest CFL Moments type thing.

I think he should just dig out his old ticats shirts :thup: :slight_smile:

He should do what AJ Hawk's wife did her husband was playing her brother in college and where half of each jersey lol

A more interesting dilemma for Braley, is if the Lions and Argoes meet in the Grey Cup, which team does he use the PA system to drown out?

Very good VoiceofReason. The more read your stuff the more I’m convinced there is something between those ears after all. :rockin:

He could put an extra incentive in there... the team that loses is the team that he puts up for sale...

Or the loser must hire Tillman. :wink:

The loser must hire Tillman, beauty dc! :thup:

Braley is a hero of the CFL by financially saving two teams from sinking. He has earned extra chances to enjoy a grey cup victory. On a different note, didn't Harold Ballard once owned 3 teams? Argonauts, Tigercats and Maple Leafs? Good times for all?

David Braley is finally getting his reward after spending millions on the Lions, Argos and lets not forget the Cats of years gone by . The millions he invested rebuilding the Lions and now the Argos is now being reimbursed somewhat .
With the WF and GC in Vancouver last year and now the WF again in Vancouver (which looks like a pretty good pay day ) and the very lucrative GC in TO in two weeks time , its finally CA-CHING time for him . -------He probably needs to rid himself of one of these two teams at some point , but in the interim, I hope he has enough room in his pockets to put all the cash in, good for him , he deserves it .

If he cared about making money, why would he own TWO CFL franchises?
No the guy cares about the CFL and not making money, without him and Bob Young there wouldn't be much of a CFL

Bettman and co. owns the Coyotes and I think a previous MLB commish owned the Brewers. A bit of conflict of interest, wonder if Bettman has had any doings with player personnel with the desert team and you have to wonder about a commish having had owned a team in the league he is a commissioner of. :wink:

Good on Braley no question. :thup:

Your working under the assumption the NHL Commissioner is a neutral, unbiased 3rd party. He is, always has been and always will be the owners puppet. Bettman and the board of governors are one in the same, no conflict owning Phoenix.

Unless of course you're a Jets fan. :wink:

.....Yes ..good on Braley for giving the Argo franchise life and keeping the CFL solid ..BUT you have to ask yourself, when it was reported there was a buyer for the Leos and it hasn't happened yet, what is the motivation for Braley to keep this conflict of interest going...I'll suggest it isn't just because he luvs the CFL (that's quite apparent) I think it also has to do with the matter of making money :wink: I'd like to see him divest his interest in the Lions and bring some credibility back to the league...With him solely concentrating on getting the Argo situation to top form, the CFL will be an even better place

Personally I honestly think that he didn't trust anyone with the 100th in Toronto to do it well enough. I have the feeling he's a bit of a perfectionist. Now yes, money is always a factor but I think any money he did make could be better invested in something else than a CFL team for a better return.

David gets the 100th under his name, and 99th as well, and will go down in history as a major milestone in Canadian sports annals when all is said and done.

...Oh I'm not suggesting Earl that it's the wisest investment, (although you could do worse) I personally don't like the 'whispering' in the background ,about a 2 team owner in an 8 team league (soon to be 9) making behind the scenes deals...I'm sure that doesn't go on but it lends to the the possibility that it could...The optics are bad, to put it simply...I hate when the word 'bush' is attached to the CFL brand by some....I believe the sooner this situation is resolved, everyone outside and inside the league will feel a lot better for it.... :wink: