An important cause of disparity between east & west

As of September 28, there have been 24 games played between eastern and western teams. Eleven games have been played in the west and all eleven were won by the west. However, there were 13 east-west games played in the east and the west has won 7 while the eastern teams have won 6. Despite some of the poorer teams being in the east the record is much more even when the games are played in the east.

Much has been said about the effects that the time difference can have on players and I believe that the record to date points this out quite eloquently. Eastern teams are at a disadvantage when travelling west and it’s high time the league did something about it.

This situation should be corrected before a franchise is ever granted to a city in the maritimes, Games starting at 7PM in Vancouver would be equivalent to an 11PM start for the team from the maritimes and for them would end around 2AM.

I believe that games played in the west between eastern and western teams should never start later than 5PM local time.
This problem is one of the main causes for the disparity that presently exists between east and west and should be at the top of the board of governors’ agenda. The present situation is unfair to the teams, the players and the fans.

I totally agree with you on that, I brought it up in a couple of threads already. The problem is with TV schedule where they want to be able to show 2 entire games on fridays. Having only 8 teams, I don't see why they could not stretch games from Thursday through sunday and show 1 game per day, showing double headers on weekends would, I believe, conflict too much with NFL football. I guess, for now, all we can do is use the argument against bragging westerners... :wink:

I agree as well but up to a point. While a team coming from out West to play Montreal or vice versa does go through a substantial time shift, I don't see the impact being quite so big on Winnipeg (If I'm not mistaken, the Riders are in the same time zone whereas Edmonton and Calgary are an hour time difference one way while Montreal, Toronto, and Hamilton are an hour the other).

As for the Argos and Ti-Cats, I don't think they could beat a Western team at this point if they played ALL their games at home.

The riders are 1 time zone diferences away from Wpg until we set the clocks back on the first Saturday of Nov, then they will be the same

Saskatchawan does not go to daylight savings time

Itotally agree, I've always felt that way. It's a huge advantage for the Western teams, playing an eastern team at 10:00 pm (est).
The body is not used to it, and gets very tired as the game goes on. Even if you fly in a couple of days before, it's not enough. On top of flying thousands of miles to get there. The game should never start after 8:00(est). And maybe the East shouldn't start day games against the west at 1:00 est, which is 10:00 am for western teams, although at least they're awake and energized for the day. I think this should be in the main topic board.

It has been, but those out west will tell you its harder to come to the east and play than it is to go west

If teams could get there 3 days ahead of the game they would have time to adjust, but I think most teams can't affoard that. Well those westerners could use those petrodollars thay have plenty of and provide cheap accomodations to eastern visitors. :smiley:

Exactly! :wink: Every try to play football right after breakfast? :wink: :wink:

Actually yes, and its easier than after midnight! :stuck_out_tongue: