An idea to fill the skydome.

Next year Canada Day falls on a Sunday.

How about a Canada Day game at skydome between the Argonauts and the Alouettes.

If marketted correctly, the game should sell out.

The CFL should have a 'Canada Day kickoff' weekend!

The Argos could be the feature game!

Let's hype it up!

You can help! Just talk about the CFL, at school, work, social gatherings, WHATEVER! Hype is contagious!

Another idea to fill the skydome is to get as many Tiger-cat fans as possible to attend their away games in Toronto.

Perhaps they could bundle the away games at a special price, including transit fair, with Tiger-cat season tickets.

And, they could have Tiger-cat fans seated behind the Tiger-cat side.

It would make for a very loud skydome if enough Tiger-cat fans could be attracted to those games.

Just focus on getting Ti-Cat fans to Ti-Cat games.

Just like they are doing now.

If Lumsden is on the team next year, the tickets will sell.

One problem with this idea. The Jays usually play at home on Canada Day, so I would think that the game would have to be in Montreal. If you want to fill the Skydome, bring all the cement mix you can!

Let's hype it up!

You can help! Just talk about the CFL, at school, work, social gatherings, WHATEVER! Hype is contagious!

:thup: :rockin:
:P haha- I'd have to agree...

wear cfl gear: hats, shirts, jerseys..whatever....its an easy way to get people talkin my work, i wear afew CFL hats, and it has gotten me into alot of conversations...i met one of the box-j boys.

but now alot of people are wearing argo hats and shirts at my work, or just talkin CFL football.

good way to get the ball rolling.

An average of 28,000 per game is much better than 2 years ago.

How does that compare to the rest of the CFL in attendence #s?

HAMILTON is getting great attendence #s still.

How would you fill B.C. PLACE?

THE JAYS , have an even harder time selling tickets.

I hope the CFL starts doing a kickoff weekend with a concert and fly over by the snowbirds, it would be great.
The Jays own the Rogers Centre so the Argos will always be second class citizens there unfortunately and I doubt Rogers will allow them to have a party that is too big, if you know what I mean.

Yes, wear EVERYTHING CFL you can!

Good idea

ive seen some pretty nice ticat shirts at winners....$10

and walmart has some argo shirts for $12

The last time Toronto had Canada day there were over 25 000 in a season that drew an average of 16-18000, so it does work. I remember the game fondly and with all the flags it looked like 40 000 people.

sounds good to me.

A great idea. It would take some patience though. Might take a few years to catch on. Take a page from baseball's book by promoting the heck out of the opening game, and do them one better by giving away parking or selling hotdogs for a dollar. Give school kids vouchers for discount upper deck tickets, put on a fireworks show after the game, etc. I'd be willing to bet you'd get 45,000 in Toronto by the first 3 years of doing all that. Think of the buzz that would create. The rest of the season's average might go from 28,000 to 35,000.

How about free tickets to the game and a chance to win 5 million dollars that might do it!

bc place is doing well the rest of the games should attract over 35000 to each go lions go

I Think We Should Be Worrying Less About Trying To Fill The Skydome On Canada Day And More About Trying To Max Out Attendance For The LDC Rematch. This Is A Perfect Weekend For Football But It Gets Over Shadowed But It's Sister Rivalry The LDC. Most People In Toronto Go Away To Cottages Or Are Finishing Up Their Summer Holidays. However The Weekend Fallowing Labour Day Is Perfect, Everyones Settling Back Into School And Work, No Ones Really Going Away To The Cottage. This Is The Game That Should Be Marketed Better, Like The Banjo Bowl And Battle Of Alberta Are Out West.