An Idea to create ticket demand at Commonwealth Stadium

Why couldn't we see it? A few season's ago, the Esks averaged 40,000 fans a game which is only 20,000 from a full stadium. During the dynasty years which also was at the time when Commonwealth first opened, they had 50,000 season ticket holders. The Lions had a season where they averaged 50,000 a game, ditto for Montreal and Toronto used to pack in Exhibition Stadium. Why does this seem impossible now?

With the help of TSN's stellar coverage, the addition of Ottawa in the near future, new stadiums in Winnipeg and Hamilton, and the distant possibility of tenth team in the Maritimes, I predict nothing but growth for the CFL.

The marketers are doing a great job with social media too. This is an absolute must in this day and age, and it will have long-term benefits for the league as broader brand recognition helps create sustained buzz for the league, which in turn will pique the interest of more Canadians in getting out to games.

Though not without its challenges, the CFL is doing many things well these days. Thanks to an enthusiastic, affable, and knowledgeable commissioner, and financially robust and committed owners, the league will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

Of all the major sports league in North America the CFL has the most potential to grow and really blossom.
I really think the CFL is the league with the brightest future to completely re-invent itself.

I think one of the leagues problem is it's modesty when it comes to promoting itself. That has been changing recently, and as that continues we'll start to see the ability for attendance to continue to increase

The beauty of the CFL is it's a league that actually will look at a city like Moncton to put a team in there. I love that that aspect of the league.