An Idea to create ticket demand at Commonwealth Stadium

ok bare with me folks as I explain it, i'll try to be as short and sweet as I can!

now I realize that obviously unlike in Saskatchewan where a sell out is barely below 30,000 seats. That Commonwealth has to get just over double that for a sell out.

so I'm in no way trying to make a comparison between Edmonton and Regina.

This is not about trying to sell Commonwealth Stadium to a full capacity for all 10 games (and possible playoff game) during the season.. this is about attempting to create ticket demand and increase the # of seats sold or create an atmosphere similar to that in Regina or Montreal.

My idea is.. make a Max # of tickets at commonwealth stadium that are sold.. based on average ticket sales for each team that comes to the city.

for example, lets say that The Roughriders will help sell 50,000 seats on average per each game that they play here.. then only have 47,000 seats available for sale! no give or increase. you sell the 47,000 out .. that's it.

for a team like Hamilton that perhaps only get 36,000 into the seats.. then you only sell 35,000 seats for that game!

Now, sure you might say that it's dumb but look at the other places that sell out? Montreal has millions more citizens than Edmonton, and when they have a game at the Big O.. they have been able to sell it out!

The demand for tickets and the atmosphere that gets created in an environment where tickets are at a demand instead of knowing you'll always get one no matter what.. is quite different.

Regina has for the past number of seasons seen a big change in the kind of atmosphere you see at a game!

it used to be where they had a difficult time selling out whether or not their team was having a good year.

NOW, they have a party type atmosphere at the game.. why? because they are selling the idea of it being a party! a festival, a social gathering and they're putting more emphasis on the party atmosphere and the people buying the tickets have totally bought into the idea!

I Do not see that here in Edmonton. I have gone to on average 6 games a season and I usually skip the games where the really bad teams come to town. When I go, there is a very different atmosphere in the Stadium.. based on what I notice they don't seem to be selling the idea that the game is a party! that it's an event and that it's a place to go have a good time, party it up, dress up and go watch football. but not just to watch football.

Most of the fans that come to the Game at Commonwealth, seem to be there for the game.. I notice a lot of the times that the fans are not always noisy, they a lot of the times have to be enticed or reminded to be loud for their team!

the atmosphere doesn't seem to necessarily be a party like atmosphere.

I think that if they were to create a demand for tickets and not have the entire stadium open to people to sit where ever they wish! (except for the corners and the one endzone) that there could be a much more condensed atmosphere and they wouldn't be so spread out.

so basically.. limit the # of tickets available for each game.. base the #'s available on who you're playing against.

cut off the areas and push people into an area to condense the fans into a smaller area.. and the game atmosphere would be more fun and way more entertaining.

I'll admit I didn't read the full post. Honestly, Edmonton has led the league in attendance for how many years now? While it would be nice to see 60,000 a game each week, I doubt it'll happen. Edmonton usually brings in about 35,000, which is good. I doubt we'll ever see NFL or NCAA type crowds in Canada outside of the playoffs.

i realize that but with the potential revenue that they're missing out on if they were to really push it all over this region.. they could easily start to average 45,000-50,000 a game in a few years.

they just have become stagnant. they're not making anymore effort try and increase their attendance.

So your plan to sell more tickets is basically to offer less of them for sale???

How about instead of that, they offer all the seats that aren't already sold but print "Limited edition" on them and then sell more to the sucker's who got fooled by this ingenious trick.

Part One: fail
Part Two: fail

....telling the 35,001th CFL fan they are SOL at that Hamilton game is not going to get them to improve their time mgmt skills to be sure the next time the tabbies are in town they get a ticket early, but it is going to get them p.o.'d enough to say 'screw you Edmonton Eskimos, you've got seats, wtf?!, I'll never buy tickets again ya basterds"...

...wait a second, ahhhhh, I hate the Eskimos, therefore 'the plan' it [wink wink]....

This thread is an epic fail....


Esks have led the league in attendance for 20+ seasons straight...

Looking at the team averages and selling less tickets would be epic failure for the Eskimo's. Now if they did something like the BC Lions did where they close off the upper deck for non marquee matchups (non rivals, Stamps or Riders) and capped it out around 40k per game they'd probably have more success.

Brilliant! :lol:

funny I am not surprised at the least by your comment RedandWhite.

this isn’t why.

This idea that Dust is saying, is exactly what I’m getting at!

the stadium is so big that they don’t sell more than 65% of the seats…

so what I’m saying is condense the crowd and rather than have everyone spread out, you do what BC does.

shut down areas of the stadium to the fans and force them into the bottom first and then the rest that are left over go up to the 2nd level in the middle.

Best way to increase ticket demand at Commonweath: have the Eskimos play better!

Esks have led the league in attendance for 20+ seasons straight...
Actually, that's not true. Baltimore lead the league in average attendance for the 1994 season with over 38,000.

Don't the Esks already do this? I could swear I've seen EE tarps over certain areas...

Lower bowl endzone seats are tarped (probably 5-6 thousand seats) and small sections of the 4 corners of the upper deck were tarped most of the past 2 seasons(probably another 3-4 thousands seats if I had to guess).

that’s right, but if you notice that there are during a number of games, many seats down below that are empty and they could bring people from above down to fill them up …

Here’s a better idea. Remove 15,000-20,000 seats and the accompanying structure beneath them and sell the seats to whomever wants them for a stadium. :wink:

This idea isn't new. Its done at BC Place and Rogers Centre. They only sell the 30,000 or so available 100 and 200 level seating at the SkyDome for Argo games and the upper level at BC Place Stadium had been curtained off in recent years.

Even if these sections are completely packed, seeing an empty or tarped off 20,000 seats above you still kills the intimacy of the venue. It just doesn't have that mass psychological effect that filling every seat available in a given building has for creating demand regardless if that building can accommodate 20,000 or 70,000..

Take Toronto FC vs. the Argos in recent years. In 2007 TFC played to mostly sold out crowds in a 20,000 seat stadium. You couldn't get a ticket. The same year, the Argos averaged somewhere around 30,000 a game in their 52,000 seat SkyDome with the upper level and north endzone bannered. People weren't exactly clamouring over Argo tickets even though they were close to selling out on what they were making available.

There's an interesting rendering of a configuration planned for MLS Whitcaps games at the rennovated BC Place which could be interesting:

The lowered canopy concealing the upper bowl but still revealing the sky makes for a better illusion of an intimate stadium as opposed to curtaining off or tarping 20,000 seats.

^^, subtle dig in the graphic link above, Whitecaps 3 Toronto FC 0

Promoting the game like an event and a party is never a bad idea. Just sayin'.

Never used to be a problem in years past, when the promise of the 'thumpin we were gonna give the visiting team created all the excitement necessary. Perhaps now we do need more than that....

It sure isn't a bad idea and something that all CFL teams could learn from. The NFL and NCAA do great jobs with this and is one of the reasons-if not main reason they both enjoy the successes they have both had.