An idea the mods could try in this thread--caption contest!

I've seen things like this on other sites, and I think some versions of Sports Illustrated may have tried it. For me, the "quote of the year" threads are fun to read, and this would be similar in spirit.

Anyways, the suggestion here is to have every month or so a picture of the month related to the CFL and, sort of like the quote of the year thread, people on this site could fill in captions or lines for the picture.

(I don't know how to post pictures, or else I would do it.)

Anyone who wanted to could do something with this concept. Just an idea.

I've seen this done on other sites - it takes one of two directions, generally speaking.....either it's downright ridiculous, or downright hilarious.....I'm a pic in mind?

....go for's a test run....

You mean a provide the caption thread, kind of like this:

[url=] ... ic&t=14082[/url]

Tough pick Red, my creative juices are not there.

.. "Braley and Wettenhall are the two stupidest SOBs in the CFL!!!"...

That picture is terrible red. It gives us nothing to work with. A picture like roughy's would be much better.

Perhaps a picture of Maciocia after the Stegall touchdown would provide some interesting lines?

:lol: That might work. Though I don't think anybody could provide a caption funnier than the picture itself.

...yeah, that picture sucks, I tried, there wasn't really anything available during my five second search...

I have a few left over from the season

Pick one

"You number one in our hearts" For Picture Number 1
Nothing for Pinball

"Nay, na nay na nay naaaaa, You can't tag me" For Picture #3

"Catch the Ball, Oh Lord, Make him Catch the ball!" For Picture #4