An Idea or suggesion?

Any chance of having a section on this board where people can come and spout off and vent frustrations which are truly unfounded and untrue but may help the upset individual get some kind of stress venting! WHY? because people who spout about things that are not true and voice anger against other teams or people! maybe a section can be set aside for this so it doesn't enter main stream posts! mmmm call it a ticked off section! doesn't have to be reality just one persons feelings at that moment! any thoughts here?

I vote no...if you get that worked up over football game that you need a specific section of a website to help you de-stress through a keyboard, maybe seek some professional help...

your right jm02 had more time to think about it and if you can't follow the rules here! well go somewhere else! after thinking it over I back jm02 110 % think before you post or say bye bye!

go riders.

I could probably make a case that's what half the posts on the CFL general forum or off topic are about. :wink:

PM me I will cheer you up!