An Idea for the Season on

GBonds thread on player bios got me to thinking.

Every Wednesday, Boston Bruin players take part in a live, on-line chat. Members send questions in to the player who answers.

This would be a great way to get members of our on-line community to "chat" with the players that they can't readily see on a day to day basis around the stdium or at community events.


How 'bout it site staffers???

Here's an example....

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I think its a great idea. Would be a good outlet for the many Ti-Cat fans like myself that live far from Hamilton and feel out of the loop.

I only get to see the Cats live once a year and it has to be at BC Place. Not the greatest place to watch a game.

I like that idea as well.

Excellent idea. I think the players would enjoy it as well.

An Argo-Cat fan

That's one of the things I liked about the Cats on Cable shows. It gave the fans a chance to get out and interact with the players and ask the questions they wanted answered.

I could have sworn we used to do this a couple of years ago on Anyone else remember this?

I remember. That was a good feature. The player guests were very cooperative and informative.
The only restriction was how quickly they could type their answers. But, they did better than most of us.

Good idea to have it come back.