An idea for helping CFL players

Even with the higher cap and minimum salary now, many CFL players are certainly not paid what they are truly worth, but I am not blaming the CFL for this. It's simply the product of the much smaller Canadian pro football market.

My idea is for the league and owners to help supplement the players incomes by providing housing for all of them. This could be done by either buying or building an apartment building for each team.

Not only would this save the players money (especially those closer to the min.), but it would also create more team bonding because they all live together. The current situation is typically that 2-4 of them get a rental together, which scatters the teammates all over the city.

What do you guys think about this ever being feasible or not?

Also, new players arriving wouldn't have the headache of having to look for housing. Just fly in and move into the team apartment building.

I wouldn't say it's a bad idea, but it does kind of encourage the "You're only playing here for the summer, you aren't putting roots down" which is the opposite effect the CFL really wants from it's players.

I live in decent two bedroom condo in Hamilton, and it is worth 140,000, plus condo fees and taxes so a whole apartment building to house the majority of the team is likely nearly a 6 million dollar investment, which while you could mortgage it, just seems too high for a CFL team to humor. I think it's a good idea for practice roster players, who aren't really making enough to survive in the league, but I think to house the majority of the team, it's just too much cash.

If you pay a player cash, or you pay someone else to house him, it still costs the team money just the same. May as well just put that money into his salary and let the player spend it however he sees fit. Oh, that's how it already works. :wink:

Team offices already have connections to help new players find accomodations.