an idea for conference division

so, expansion is a hot topic now, and i think the CFL should look to going to a 12 team league, but what would be the 6th team in the west? i think this would be a good idea.
CGY ATL(Atlantic Canada)

L/W stands for London/ Windsor. The cities are west of any cities with eastern teams or potential teams, so why can't they fill the final void of the 6th western team?the East's furthest west team is Hamilton, and London is 126 km's southwest of there and Windsor is 304. I think it's a good idea, what does everyone else think?

i think u guys are still looking abit far ahead. i love the idea of expansion but still needs a fair amount of time even more so if u want 12 teams.

We can't even keep the 9th team in the league, and you want to expand to 12?! :expressionless: :lol:

I agree!

Lets just worry about the strong 8 team CFL and maybe Ottawa in the next 5 years.

12 teams should create 3 divisions.

Give the trophies to the western, eastern and central division champs. They qualify along with the next five best W-L records and then you can have the possibility of a fresh variety of playoff matchups instead of east vs. east each year.

if it is a 12 team, 3 division league, then it should still be a 6 team playoff. The 3 division winners and the next 3 teams with the best records. The 2 teams with the best records get a bye, and the other division winner and the team with the next best record play a home game against the other 2 wildcard teams. winners of those 2 games play the top 2 teams and the winners of those conclude play in the grey cup. also we need to initiate an all star game.

You guys are just over-complicating things. Let's leave the league the way it is right now. Work on getting Ottawa back, and then maybe think about expanding to another city. There's no need to completely revamp the league.

They should do away with the divsions.
Give us a balanced schedule.
All teams make post season 1 plays 8....2 plays 7...
Rankings would reflect reality
All teams would get a shot in the post season keeping local fans interested.
Grey Cups matchup could be anything.
Make the preseason games count in the standings. Getting a better turnout to games. Enforce blackout rules.

If they counted, how would they be preseason???? As for turnout, heck the Riders sold out their preseason game. Sorry but I just think this idea is goofy!

Can any one name the Stadiums (Other than Ottawa) that are big enough to hold a CFL team?


Can anyone name some one with enough money to own a team and pump in Millions of dollars?


Hmm, just as I thought.

Ah yes, the Expansion dreamers are at it again. I may get my Corvette very soon! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Chief, they are fantasising about something that will never happen. :roll: :roll:

Now, speaking of fantasies.....

Can I tell you about my fantasy with Shania Twain, Julia Roberts and Heather Lockelear? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I prefer mine about Jesica Alba, Jessica Biel, and Elisha Cuthbert

Now that's a fantasy! :lol:

Listen to all these 'fantasy' come nobody has mentioned Candace Bergen? Joan Rivers? Margaret Thatcher? Or...(yikes!) Britney Spears!
Better yet....some threesome action with "The Rosie's"(Barr and O'Donnell) stuff!

Hey whatever floats your boat. That would sink mine.

If they counted, how would they be preseason???? As for turnout, heck the Riders sold out their preseason game. Sorry but I just think this idea is goofy!
You know what is goofy is having two divisions of four teams with bogus crossover rules and an off kilter schedule. Its a leftover from times gone by when you needed one of the bigger eastern market teams in the GC. That's no longer applies as was shown this year. I would love to see a Calgary vs Edmonton or TO vs Hamilton GC if those teams were the two best in the country that year.

And why does every time someone says something, someone pipes up and tells us how it is in Regina? It is great that football is healthy in Saskatchewan but let's face it the competition in Regina for sports dollar is what. A fist fight outside a tavern?

So let me rephrase. Instead of playing two meaningless games with a bunch of guys they are praying can show them something they haven't in camp with a vanilla packages, add two games to the schedule that will count in the standings, will add value to the tv package.