an idea for canadian american competition

so everyone wants to see how Canadian College stacks up to American talent so i have an idea. How about every year the CIS champion plays Notre Dame? we would almost be guaranteed to win. Heck i bet even U of T or York could give them a game.

notre dame unless there was major money wouldn play a cis be honest it would be hard for them to compete notre dame draws 90,000 plus a game.the cis i think doesnthave the resources to compete with division talent from the states.....i think they are divsion 3 at best

um yeah about that, i was using a hint of sarcasm in this post, but notre dame still sucks!

so everyone wants to see how Canadian College stacks up to American talent
I can honestly say, the idea has never occurred to me in all my 52 yrs.

Even when SFU was doing it, I never really gave it any thought. Never knew how they were doing. Never cared.

I am so ashamed, sigh

It would be interesting but at this time, CIS teams don't match up agains't Div. 1 teams. Some Div. 2 maybe but as said above, Div. 3 the more likely spot.

nice try earl, but really how the heck can anyone make any grand statements like the ones posted, these teams never play each other so who knows. my reasoning is that if you took all the best CIS players you could make 4 or 5 div 1 ncaa teams, If we are to compare the CFL to U.S high school football , it could be because of the ncaa rookies who come up and dont know what to do. they make the cfl look B... sometimes. I suggest waching ncaa games with the volume turned down ,. cuase if your being told how great it is every down you mite start to believe it.IMHO good football is good football.

True enough Mass, I agree actually after reading your post. I've always enjoyed watching CIS football and go to the Vanier Cup when it's in Southern Ontario. Obviously we don't have the numbers here with so few universities compared with the States but completely agree about what you say with 4 or 5 div 1 ncaa teams and the CIS.

i just read a piece on cis schools joining the ncaa i think u will see more of this

re earl- After some research, id revise the # of div 1 cis schools to at least the top 10