An idea for an All Star game

post Covid of course - here it is with all CFL players or PR

Americans vs Canadians/World Players but the QB's must be 2nd string.

I think it would have an interest. Once the world players have a bigger footprint it could be played in another country. Mexico Europe Australia - I don't know but it seems interesting. I'll watch

An "all star" game with second string players? Isn't that a "no star" game?

The Pro Bowl is the WORST all-star game in North American sports ... in part (IMO) because it has different rules:

  • No motion or shifting by the offence
  • Offense must have a tight end in all formations
  • Offense can’t have 3 receivers on a side
  • Intentional grounding is legal
  • Defense must run a 4-3 at all times
  • No press coverage except inside the 5 yard line
  • No blitzing
  • Not allowed to rush a Punt, PAT or FG attempt
    AND because players don't really want to hit or be hit at full-on game speed.

It would be difficult for the CFL not to do the same ... a week of practice would never allow players to learn a complex defence and "gel" on-field ... so either the offence gets handcuffed or it runs rampant over the defence ... or at least the American offence does ... not certain who the second string (or even starter) Canadian QBs would be.

All Star Game yes! Best way to attract new fans by playing all the league's stars in one event.
The operative word is "exhibition" game. Nobody out to injure anyone.
Two potential formats: Grey Cup champs host CFL stars; or National All Stars versus International. Makes the National pivot more necessary than presently.
Stage the game during training camp.
Proceeds to CFLPA.

Attract new fans by playing glorified touch football?

I would like to see a skills competition .

I liked them when they use to do them both in the CFL and NHL and play them during the games . (years back )

I think they could do a half hour show thru the summer after this covid is done so next year at the earliest . Or tape it in the fall and play it in the winter whatever works to generate some interest .

Not a fan of the All-Star game concept in most sports. Typically, rules are skewed to showcase the offence. Way back in the dark ages, the Stanley Cup champ played an All-Star team in a real game, which was kind of okay, but generally speaking, I find the All-Star concept akin to an intra-squad game. Even worse motivation, as no one is trying to win a position, and most players are more interested in avoiding injury.

A skills type contest broadcast over the season, shown at half time would be more interesting.

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Dear GHT120:

I only mention this because I saw an all-star game between the Ottawa Rough Riders and the CFL All-Stars pre-season in 1974. I was seven years old and it was a tremendously exciting thing. The CFL and the country were different then but it was one of the reasons that I became a CFL supporter for life.

Times change I know. But sometimes the old ideas are worth revisiting.


Maybe that is the key. Play the game, but make it a "family" thing. Father/son, Mother/daughter' parent/kid. Kids are free, parents half price if they have a kid with them. Giveaways, autograph sessions, play catch with the players, B-B-Q, strictly a family day.

I would say make it 7-on-7 touch football ... maybe make it 8-on-8 given the larger field ... lots of speed ... lots of creativity ... no lumbering linemen ... in conjunction with a skills competition.

You have captured the right spirit of things. It is decidedly a promotional event rather than a display of excellent football. A chance to see Luke Tasker and Brad Sinopoli as team mates.

The CFL's down linemen are the heart of the league and are many and excellent. Include them by all means.

It's a celebration of the best players in Canada: that's the idea.

If it isn't a full-speed, full-contact game then no room for OL/DLs (IMO) ... and no football all-star game is full-contact, full-speed ... but they could be included in skills competition in strength events, one-on-one pass rushing drills, etc.

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I don't think I'm on board with putting out second string players. That defeats the "all star" part of the All Star Game.

If there is a time to do an all-star game, I'd say it's definitely this season. If we have a very shortened season, then that's much less wear and tear on the players. Although the other issue is where to have it and how the players will be paid

If the contact is taken out of the equation (as I suggested above) then stars might have fewer concerns about participating and teams might be more willing to let them.

I like the idea of a skills competition.

Yes you have nailed it exactly. You have to make it attractive to the families.

A great idea. You really have the grasped the concept.

I still like the game though. Bo Levi Mitchell plays a quarter. Then Reilly. Then Dane Evans and finally Nicholls or Collaros or Fajardo or whoever. All the best players on the field together at the same time.

Then see who moves the offence best. Who clicks the best with whom. Who makes the picks or leads the game in tackles.

Imagine a backfield with both Andrew Harris and William Powell in it.

OR ... maybe have some fun and, in a 7-on-7 or 8-0n-8, make defenders play offence and vice-versa ... for at least part of the game.

If you play seven on seven or eight on eight you are leaving out a great many all stars in the CFL. Now each team might field a touch football team the way some have an ice hockey team or a team that goes around playing basketball against high schools.

But the CFL All Star Game needs to be professional. And a game to kick off the season.

So the best is last year's champs host a team of all stars. The game will draw poorly perhaps so maybe a university venue is best.

I prefer the idea of a touch game combined with some sort of skills competition.

I just don't think full-on all star games work in football.

How about some kind of event (touch game + various skills competitions) to promote the diversity idea? Have teams that feature all stars but also players from all three aspects of the game. Include Nationals, Internationals, and Globals. Have players that are 300 lbs + and players who are maybe 180 or under. Some players 35+ years of age, some under maybe 25. Even have some players from Canadian women's leagues.