An honest question about Matt Dunigan.

When did he start getting so hyper on camera? did that start this year? After the Calgary debacle, perhaps? Im watching the pre-game for TO Ott and Dunigan's off the charts. His head is going to pop right out of his suit!

ALso nice to see the the pre-game show's report on Jerome Haywood #99 for ott. Telling the story of his upbringing so unflinchinly about the conditions he was living in growing up in Inglewood, calif without judging or sugar coating it. Pretty real if you ask me. good job.

No he was always like that.

Interesting. I always remembered his head getting red like that, but I dont remember so much the arm gestures and hardy drawl.

maybe the concussion shots he took in his career are finally beginning to surface....I..still like him on the tube.....and deep down I think he still believes he could help some team....MMMMMMMaybe...

Ok, I’ll repeat the info again for those who don’t know: Dunigan has been plagued by post-concussion syndrome since he retired from football. This means that at times he has trouble finishing sentences and connecting his ideas. You’ll see this sometimes on the TSN panel: he’ll be in the middle of an sentence and suddenly he’ll lock up for a few seconds, apparently losing his train of thought, but it’s actually due to post-concussion syndrome. The rest of the guys on the panel are always very respectful of Matt in these instances and let him take those extra few seconds to finish his point.

As for Dunigan getting excited on-air, it’s not unusual to me. He gets excited frequently, and that’s what makes him such an entertaining football analyst.

He DOES??? :shock:

I’d like to hear saskargos opinion on this topic.