An exercise of patience

Grey cup tickets went on sale at 9am to season ticket holders who wanted to sit in different seats.

9am call, get in "line". But after 10 minutes they boot you and put you to voice mail. Of course 3 times in a row I get "you are first in line, and will be handled by next available representative".

Then get dropped because the 10 minutes on hold kicks you out.

Talk about patience. After 35 minutes and being booted 3 times I get through. I explain that their system is kicking people out due to the 10 minute rule, and if they could turn off the 10 minute limitation - at least today.

Talk about falling on deaf ears. All the guy kept saying is "there is four of us, we are doing the best we can". I said I appreciate that, but can't you turn off the system that boots people off when they are on hold for 10 minutes?

No response.

Just how can I help you.


Wife and I got our two tickets in the Silver Seats section 102. Also, the seats are cheaper than what was shown on the original pricing for season ticket holders.

Was supposed to be $330 for silvers, plus service charges. Instead came in at $320 including service charges.

I asked when the prices decreased. Was told "they didn't". I said I'm looking at prices released...and they are cheaper (which is great).

Not the friendliest folk this morning on the ticat ticket line.

The end result is that you got your tickets and for a better price than anticipated.
I'm not sure how many people they normally have answering the phone for tickets, but I'm sure they have to do so within protocols or from home. The poor person answering the calls has no way of adjusting the cut-off time of the system, but he certainly could have passed this up the management chain (unless he already HAD, and you're the umpteenth person to mention this).
I agree that things could have been handled in a friendlier manner and that your annoyances were at least recognized - this is Customer Service 101. Who knows, they could all be temp workers doing this for minimum wage.