An Epic Offensive Battle: Esks Vs Als!

Not only the leagues best Offences, But also the leagues best defences i’d say, even tho the als have not showed that yet this season, but, you know they will show up to try and stop Ray,Mitchell,Tucker,Hervey… " try " being the key word. Ray will have 400+ yards passing again! Esks big 3 receivers will have huge games and the Als aren’t going to be able to figure out the Esks D. Esks by two Touchdowns and AC barely picks himself off the turf after the sack attack rolls through Montreal!


I wouldn’t say that MONTREAL has the best defence in the CFL [ARGOS sacked D.D. , 6 times]…and some B.C. fans might disagree with you about who has the best offence.

Edmonton , has not really been tested yet…B.C. has…MONTREAL, has given up allot of points in the last 2 games and lost to , OTTAWA.

Sometimes when to great offences go against each other they tend to cancel each other out. Lets hope for a shoot out. :smiley:

i say this will be a pretty even match on both sides of the ball.

Usually when to great offensives meet…they cancel each other out…but it will be close…OTTAWA, will surprize… B.C. It will be closer than most think!

I agree, I have the upmost respect for the Als and i’m looking foward to see’ing two great games tonight, I just love my esks and gotta shake it up a bit, Go Esks Go!! Go Gades too!


tonight ,we see who the pretenders are. :wink:

…that’ll come back to haunt you if the esks go down…

Regardless of which team wins, I don’t think there are any pretenders here. Both are very good teams who can beat anyone in the league on any given day. I’m a diehard Als fan but the Esks look mighty impressive with Ray back in the saddle and Montford terrorizing opposing quarterbacks. I still pick my Als to win but only by a slim margin, and they’ll have to play their A+ game for FOUR (not three) full quarters to get the two points. Edmonton is too good to beat otherwise. Take a few plays off and they will burn you. I hope both Montreal’s offense and defense realize this.

UM…MONTREAL lost to OTTAWA and EDMONTION have yet to play a great team…

how do you know ottawa isnt a great team…and edmonton played them and made them look like a bad team?

EDMONTON …beat OTTAWA …and… WINNIPEG…I know that WINNIPEG are a bad team.

If EDMONTON blows out MONTREAL…then we can talk.

well, you cant judge edmonton based on their scedule…just cause they won the games they were expected to win, doesnt lessen them.

It doesn’t prove anything either.

then it doesnt really MEAN anything, so why bring it up?

Because when some one write that B.C. and Montreal have the best offences and defences in the CFL… some people may disagree…

We will know more toinight…15 minutes and counting…

ya, cant wait

Am I going crazy, or are the Als wearing new jerseys from week one?

EDMONTON…are looking great so far and they catch the ball…how many pen…can Montreal get tonight…I hate ,JAKE IRELAND.


They are wearing a new secord logo on there arms, which I have to say is wicked cool! AWESOME!

Well, the refs are too trigger happy aganist the Aloucordes in my opinion!

I don’t like the Eskimos or want them to win the Cup, but watching them absolutely dismantle the Als defense, the football side of me has to acknowledge that they are the real deal. I can’t remember anyone making the Als look this weak.

You and me both, mate! I hate Edmonton!