An embarrassed Rider fan

I am a dedicated Rider fan...I love my team....just as Lions fans love their team. I have never been embarrassed to say I am a Rider fan....that is until Saturday Sept. 20. I watched, mortified, as fellow Rider fans threw beer cans at the BC bench.
I have always been proud to call myself a Rider fan, proud of the reputation of fans in this province but now I feel like that has been tarnished because of a few idiots. Please do not lump all Rider fans into the same category as them. We are passionate about our team, just as you are, but those fans on Saturday crossed the line.
I want to sincerely apologize to Wally Buono, every BC player and fan out there for the behaviour of these few morons.

Congrats on your win!

You know, it takes a big fan to simply address an issue without putting a spin on it to deflect in a certain way.

My Mom is from Saskatchewan...I don't hate any particular fan base. I hate idiots - and there are some of those in each stadium.

Thank you for a genuine response to a cowardly display. You are true class.

Ditto, Well spoken Deb! For the record, Mrs Sportsmen is from Saskatchewan.

I have lived in Saskatchewan all my life and I am a huge Lion fan. I appologize to the Lions for the stupidity of some Sask fans. That was a complete embarrassment for our province and for the Riders.
On a positive note it was a great game. I was on the edge of my seat 2 games in a row.
Great job Lions, keep it up.

That was pretty apalling that they would throw cans at the visiting team.

And yes, those people were idiots and likely not a true representation of what Rider pride is all about.

Here is the bigger and more important question. Where did those fans get the cans of beer? When you buy beer at Mosaic Stadium, do they sell it in cans or do they dispense it into plastic cups? If they sell it in cans, the management at Mosiac should be bunched into the idiot category as well and held liable and accountable.

Yes they sell it in cans. They sell it in cans at lots of places. Cans are not the problem. Idiots are.