An Embaressment to all fans.

John Barrow, Angelo Mosca, Bernie Faloney, Hal Patterson, Teddy Page, Tommy Grant, Tommy-Joe Coffee, Ellison Kelly, Vince Scott, Bobby Kraus, Bronco Nagurski, Dave Flemming, Steve Onischuck...These are some of the Ticat players I grew grew up with. THEY WOULD NOT LET HAPPEN, WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT!!!

For the first time in over 50 years as a fan I felt embarassed to be a fan of the HAMILTON TIGER CATS. The players should be ashamed. They have ebarassed themselves, the team, the league, the City of Hamilton and the great players who came before. This will not be forgotten. It is a leggacy they will live with.

Last night's effort was the football equivilant of urinating on the war monument. I am sure the alumni are hanging their head with the rest of us today.

Jim157,sad but true ,From Jim Trimbles this where your handle comes from?

That proved to be a good decision for Hamilton as Trimble was named the CFL's top coach in 1957_____after leading the Ticats to the Grey Cup title following a 32-7 victory over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who were coached Bud Grant, a former player under Trimble.

Jim 157
You've got the right idea but you missed the architect of the dreaded Hamilton defense.

RALPH SAZIO is  " The Man "

Opposing teams were always hurting more after a game against his teams. They hated having to come into Civic Stadium.
If you ever had the opportunity to look into his eyes you would instantly understand the word " fear ".

" Sorry Kavis, you couldn't carry gym bag. "

This is very true. I'm sure all the free agents-to-be on this team are thinking one thing:
Getting the heck outta this nightmare in the offseason. I haven't seen anyone other than Hitch & Flemming give a flying fuck for what this means to Hamilton football...

Not to worry. I somehow doubt that the other CFL teams will be lined up to sign TiCat free agents after this season.

An Argo fan

True ,the Argos usually already have deals done ,no line up required!......


Most of these players don't know what embarassment is. Why else would they do their celbatory dance after making their only tackle of the night when the team is being blown away.

Bring back Tough D and players with heart.