An Effort Tonight

Thanks Ticats for an entertaining game, especially after than pile of crap you put us through last week.

I really don't mind the it felt like you really wanted to win.

Good luck next week, and please, trade Lumsden for a couple of practice balls.


The ticats did come out to play tonight. I was impressed with Printers. The receivers looked ok tonight. The play calling seemed a bit better. The defence looked to be much more aggressive which accounted for the interceptions. I don't know why they don't throw to Bauman more he seems to catch everything. Marcel looked much more interested in the game than Taaffe ever did and I think it showed in the team's morale.
But in the end the team lost when they had an opportunity to win. It's disheartening...

PS where was Caulley in the second half.

i was thinking the same thing....Bauman hasnt dropped a pass in weeks now....and he is a big target...i have really seen an improvement in Bauman and i think he will be a go-to guy by seasons end.

I really don't mind the it felt like you really wanted to win.
8) So you mean that they didn't really want to win any of their previous games ???
I sure did mind the loss !!  The end result is always still the same, another loss  !!  

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so what they been games all year
They can't close the deal
I am tried just being in Games we need to win them

The thing that I think was most important about the Edmonton game is that this team showed some mental resiliency.

After getting crushed by BC, seeing the HC fired and their best defensive player traded away for essentially nothing, the team could have easily folded up their tents and gone home, so to speak.

But instead, they really showed up. Yes, there were plenty of mistakes and yes, many guys still have alot to do to develop, but some of the guys who we know are good athletes are starting to become better players. Examples: Bauman, Rodriguez, Tisdale, Thompson, Knowlton.

Let's face it, playoff chances are slim to none this year, and our chances of doing anything in the playoffs were even worse. So hopefully BO'B and MB will focus on player development for the rest of the year. This is probably our best approach for getting a few wins too!


as I Said 2 Other Treads
We Lost Bottom Line..
when this team can win 3 in Row Then we have something

we had 5 Turnovers
something that will not win you many games.

I agree Tom, we're nowhere close to being a seriously contending team, but I fully expected to see the same kind of performance we saw against BC (or worse) after all that happened this week, and we didn't.

In other words, there were mistakes, but at least there was effort and the team bounced back from an undressing by BC and the other distractions. This says something positive about the guys and/or the coaches that remain.

Clearly my expectations are low, but that means I'm less likely to be disappointed, and I'm sick of being disappointed.


Can't Agree more ..

Well I agree but there is one big question mark that remains in my mind. If we had of played a healthy Ricky Ray what would have happened. It was questionable whether he was even going to start the game. I don't know how much a difference it would have made. But I don't think he has ever thrown that many interceptions in a single game.

This game was like all the others, except the short week games. We were in it until the end then found a way to lose.

Our guys have been giving effort all year but the results are always the same. new coach = same results. We need an upgrade in talent.