I figured that i would like to start an early analysis of the Bomber Roster as it stands today, i will start at the Quaterback position and i will follow it up by other positions. This analysis is from Scouting reports, research, former coaches and opinion, if i am inacurate about any analysis, feel free to correct me, share your thought Bomber Fans!!

Quarterbacks: ----- Early Projected Starter's - 1. Buck Pierce - 2. Steven Jyles - 3. Ricky Santos

The early projected starter's are based on experience and CFL game time, as we know this can change in a heartbeat. We signed a proven starter in Buck Pierce and a capable backup in Jyles.

Buck Pierce (28 YRS OLD - 6'1 215 LBS) who has been labelled as one of the most accurate passers in the league, he is in his prime and a proven winner with a great attitude on and off the field, if Buck listens to LaPo's advice and take a slide rather than a hit than Buck should remain healthy.

Steven Jyles (27 Years Old - 6'0 195 LBS) is still pretty young and is itching to be a starter and he believes it's almost time, maybe he will push Buck and if Buck wins Jyles still provides us with a capable backup who throws well, pretty accurate and a natural athletic ability which would allow him to gain yards using his legs.

Ricky Santos (26 Years Old - 6'1 210 LBS )- He basically has no CFL experience but has had a stellar college career, he learned behing AC in MTL, has a great arm, good size and he is still pretty mobile, has been compared to Buck Pierce in many way's, he has also been compared to Matt Dunnigun.

Adam DiMichele (25 Years Old - 6'1 - 202 LBS) - Adam is an intellegent young QB, he has good accuracey a good arm. He has also played Basketball and Baseball, has a great positive attitude, he is a team player. Adam is excellent at throwing on the run, he is a great and quick learner and will have no trouble figuring out the CFL game and Th Bomber's Playbook.

Alex Brink (25 Years Old - 6'2 208 LBS) Alex has been praised by many NFL/CFL scouts and the coach of the NFL team as well. Many on this forum have said he has a weak arm, i will have to see for my self at training camp. Brink had an excellent career at Washington State, concluding his time there as one of Washington State's all-time greats. Starting his last 40 games dating back to his freshman year. Not much known about him but from what Mack has said he is a smart and patient in the pocket

i dont think jyles and santos are guaranteed a spot just yet. im not even sure buck is guaranteed a spot.

but buck is more than likely gonna be the starter with that being said.. however im not so sure jyles and santos are safe because quite frankly if brink dimichele and santos show more than jyles and are getting paid less.. BUH BYE JYLES.

What happened to Lefors, did he get released???

By the fans, yes. The organization - not yet.

Of all QBs under contract to Bombers, only one is a proven QB, that being BP. And BP has never played outside of the BC system. There is something to consider of "outside the BC system" BC Lions have in the past years under Wally been SPECIAL, they really have! Even in their times of struggle, its hard not to rank the BC Lions offense under #1 in the CFL. Most of their QBs look great no matter whos in, with exception of Lulu or whatever his name is, he can only run, really can not throw the ball.

But look at KC Printers outside of the BC system? He basically stunk. Now that is only 1 example, however BP has never played outside of BC, so I think there is some unknown if he can do well outside of the Lions Den. I for 1 am rooting for BP, but if he fails, Bombers have no other plan whatsoever. The other guys from Jyles on down have no resume to speak of. Jyles has done ZERO as a pro so far.

Also remember Bombers have a HC that really has very little experience, no track record. You have a guy in charge that was not the choice of the Board of Directors who then hired a guy that was also not a guy the Board was interested in. A board that had the great Joe Ploposki (sp)

I joked about 0-18 and 0-9 at the halfway point, but it all rests on BP at QB, I hope he is as good as he was with BC, and I hope he is not injured. I can get behind rooting for this guy, so many gave up on him, said he was a washout etc. Funny how even great football people like Bob O etc can buy in to media spin about a particular player being washed up. I hope BP can prove them all wrong.

i agree with you about buck but.. hiring a guy who was not the choice of the board of directors? where did you hear this cuz as far as i know and have heard, joe mack was the unanimous selection. was down to Barker and Mack for gm....and Joe was the unanimous choice.....where all of this other bunk is coming from i don't know for Joe Footballs assessment of our qbs....I'll add this with regard to Jyles....Durant was pretty well an unknown last year in sask.....He seemed to thrive under LaPolices offensive system...even though he was not head coach....There's nothing preventing Jyles from doing the same and i really like Lapo having Buck to work with... :thup: I am also not totally convinced that Miller was the 'brains' in riderville last year....AND it'll be interesting to see how they do minus LaPolice and company ,against our success or lack thereof....It'll be fun to watch.. :wink:

I agree with,

  1. Pierce
  2. Jyles

and the real competition being for 3 and the PR.

I have no idea what to expect from any of those 3 guys to be honest but they all look like gamers.

You guys have short memories, here is just the first thing after I googled Bombers Board unhappy with Mack. Well they were split and it was contentious, thats what the article says. Its also true that they had harsh disagreement over hiring Police. Joe P was against Mack and Lapolice. Many on the board wanted Mack to hire Scott M

[url=] ... 54761.html[/url]

I said some of the board wanted Scott Milanovich as HC, I meant Greg Marshall

....if you believe every take the wpg. sun has on all of the internal workings of the Bomber orginization...then Joe, i have a bridge.....Mack was always the first choice and nobody ever headed him in the decision process.. :wink:

…THAT SHOULD BE ‘ORGANIZATION’…back to school papa… 8)

I am not a respecter of the media myself, in any form.......having said that it was pretty common knowledge that many on the board wanted to go in a different direction.

Here is the take from a tsn story at bottom of article

Reports leading up to Mack's hiring had Winnipeg's 11-member board split between Mack and Barker, with board and search-committee member Paul Robson pushing for Mack.

And here is a Toronto Sun article entitled, Lapolice shocking choice of new GM Mack. Goes on to say that Joe Poplawski was unhappy

[url=] ... 1-qmi.html[/url]

Personally, I believe the BOD made the right choice with Mack and that he made the right choice with Lapo.

Why ? Because after Kelly, they wanted somebody who could reestablish some integrity back into the organization. Mack is a very humble and considerate man, a perfect role model for the franchise.

And if I'm Mack and look at the struggles the team had on offense last year, I would lean towards the best offensive mind available. Also, Mack is old school, and that mentality says that OC's make better HC's than DC's, statistically anyways.

......I'm glad you don't swallow all of the spin.....I'm not going to get into a debate about semantics ...he said this....the other guy said that.....the bottom line is that Mack prevailed....largely or got the job by the skin of his teeth....matters not....I will agree the choice for coach...Paul LaPolice was a surprise....nobody saw that one coming for quite awhile....even our vaunted 'well informed media'..... :wink: but don't worry ...the right people are in the right place, I believe, and the season should prove that out...