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We play Winnipeg 4 times this year. If we were only playing them 3 times it would be different. Then Winnipeg probably would have just downed it because there's no real fear of having your season series wind up tied.

More importantly, it's not the Blue Bombers job to keep the score down on us. That's our job. Plus, they're paid to play 60 minutes and they did.

Think of it like this..

Say you mug a person on the street and after they give you their wallet do you just turn and leave or do you hurt them? Do you just walk away after or inflict even more pain on the person..

Berry had the wallet and then gave a few shots in the face to the Ti-Cats.

Winnipeg is a city with no class at all and it seems that even people who aren't from there seem to become like they are after living there a while.

If anyone expects classy behaviour coming out of the Peg don't hold your breath.

There was no mugging. The senerio you paint has nothing in common with a football game.

For you to say an entire city has no class says more about yours than theirs

Just because he has played the game doesnt make his opinion on the matter any more valid.

I respect Chris a lot, but I dont kiss his ass, worship him, or take every thing he says as gospel. He is wrong on this one.

The bigger part of me says you are paid to win
Wrong Chris, you were paid to give 100% effort on every play. As an offensive player, you were paid to help your team move the ball and SCORE, on every play if possible.

Wrong! Give it up!

That Berry and Westwood are a pair of putzes with no class. :smiley:

Here's Berry's explanation in his own words, via an article on Sportsnet.

"I have tremendous respect for their football team and I have tremendous respect and a friendship with Charlie Taaffe," Berry said.

And "I know how bad it looks, but it's the right thing to do."

"It was strictly and solely for points value and I only did it because I really respect that football team and I know the potential that they have and the direction that they will be in."

"Let's say they beat us 28-14 this week, all of a sudden the 18 points we won by gets subtracted by 14 points and all we've got is a four-point advantage.

"I've been around the CFL too long to know that anything can happen."

It sounds to me like he's showing the Ti-Cats a lot of respect as opposed to giving us a big slap in the face.

Sounds to me like cover up babble.. but hey.. who knows. Maybe he really is being sincere.

re-You don’t sucker punch!

should read You dont low Blow !! args accepted of course :wink: