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To those of you who agreed with Doug Berry's decision to run up the score, please read below:

So I disagree with Shultzy. No biggie

I really like like Schultz' take on it.

I was somewhat indifferent and undecided about the whole affair, but I find it hard to disagree with Schultz' sentiment. That was expressed well.

I think it was a dumb move by Berry. The chances of Hamilton and Winnipeg being tied at the end of the season are remote, if for no other reason than the fact that Winnipeg has a tie and will finish with an odd number of points. There have only been two ties in the league since the overtime rules were changed, one in 2004, and one this year.

The extra points scored probably won't come into play, and all this move does is give your opponent some added incentive to beat you in the back half of the home and home.

Lucky for Berry they're playing us, because a good team might actually respond to the slight by... oh I don't know... winning a game?

In this case game 1 of what a 4 or 5 game series for the year. I would have taken a knee. Take it to the locker room game 1 in our favour. Game 2 is in a week.
We would have to win big and/or shut them out to make up the points they beat us by.

Bottom line is it was the first meeting not the last. If this was for a playoff spot Berry did the right thing.

You’re right…it’s no biggie because you’re entitled to your opinion.

But this is coming from a former player and active member of the media and CFL community.

I’ll take his word over yours on this matter, and that’s not meant to be a dig on you.

If this was for a playoff spot Berry did the right thing.
If Berry did the right thing, then why did he take a knee on 2nd down lose yardage and then kick. It was a low blow and gutless.

And you are entitled to yours. I don't believe anyone is correct 100% of the time nor incorrect 100% of the time

Except for Marty York.

Exactly why I rarely agree with you. York even backs some of your opinions

I meant Marty York is 100% right all the time.....

Okay, even I can't keep a straight face when saying that.

Honestly though, how do you know York backs some of my opinions? Do you have a spreadsheet with my opinions on different topics to compare them with Marty York's?

Regardless, this particular topic at hand is Schultz's article and if you ask him, you and everyone else that shares the opinion that it was fine for Berry to do what he did is wrong.

That his opinion and he's entitled to it. In the entire scheme of things his opinion is just as irelevent as yours and mine since he's not involved in any team

You guys should take this act on the road. It's quite funny! :slight_smile:

Do I get to play the Dunnigan role? Obviously the Shultzrole is taken. :slight_smile:

The point is, this guy is a little more than just a fan like you or I. This is someone that has played the game professionally and understands the unwritten code of ethics.

Taffee is "involved with a team" and he agrees. Heck, even Berry snapped last year when it happened to him. The guy is such a hypocrite.

In "the entire grand scheme of things" none of this matters at all anyways.....but usually when you have an opinion on something, you try to find some evidence to support your case. A credible source that shares an opinion would support someones opinion? Would it not?

I see you more in the Dave Randorf role.

Forget that.....shotgun Danny Mac's sideline reporting role!

The bigger part of me says you are paid to win, not paid to win by a maximum point total.

I like this line from Schultz. I was of the opinion that while I didn't like Berry doing this, I totally understood it, pro football afterall is not tiddly winks and if it made sense in the long run to do this, then do it. Which is fine. But I do think it left the door open for more motivation for the Cats to win at all costs Friday night, not that this shouldb't be the case but by all costs, I mean a bit of Fred Perry +++ stuff. So maybe Berry was doing the Cats and us fans a favour with this little run-up the score, we'll see. But we have to watch out for penalties also, of course.

I think this is being used as a motivator but really it doesn't mean much.
If you lose, you lose. The score doesn't matter. If it does, then stop them from scoring more!
If the TiCats are more motivated because of this then we have a bigger problem....0 and 5 should be motivation enough!

Schultz is right, sage wisdom. Unlike some of his counterparts at CBC...