An article about CFL reffing from CALGARY!

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Will wonders ever cease. :lol:

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What do you want me to say???

OK, that reporter doesn't know what he's talking about.

Renegades season-ticket holders were offered a full refund to give up their current tickets in order to buy the $99 tickets instead.

And it sounds like he's just trying to stir up crap - already picking on the refs, comparing two difficult calls to two of the biggest blown calls from last year. It's like he's trying to pick a fight. True, that "catch" by Hervey was incomplete ... but it even took a few replays on the TV to see that. And look, the fact of the matter is: video replay is not here this season. That "non-call" was in no way the ref's fault. I can't speak for the Winnipeg-Saskabush game, because I didn't watch it ... but that first one, at least, does not count as a blown call, IMO - because the ref was helpless.

That teams can win or loose games by blown calls…like when B.C. beat SASK., in the final game of the 2004 season and lost play off home field advantage for a play off game. :wink: