An Argo whines again....

From this morning's National Post...

In Toronto....

Cory Boyd has taken to Twitter to vent his frustrations with the Toronto Argonauts again.

The Argos’ tailback wasted little time after his team was eliminated from playoff contention Monday, writing a series of tweets complaining about his role with the team.

Boyd, who carried the ball just seven times for 27 yards in a 29-19 defeat in Montreal, wants to be more involved in Toronto’s offence. He is averaging 12.2 carries per game, down from 15.1 last season.

Among his tweets Monday (@KingBoyd03):
•“God giveth and He taketh away … That’s what I’ve learned from this season.?
•“I guess I’m the ugly step child you love to neglect.
• “[Seven] carries this week, 11 carries last week … Welcome to 7/11 my friend … How can I help you? I’m good but take this door to the face.?
•“I think this off-season I’m gonna lose another 20 [pounds] so I can play [wide receiver] … What you think?
•“Don’t call me your Horse if your not gonna take me out the stable … Real talk tweeter world.?

In Hamilton ...Avon is different...

A couple weeks ago, when head coach Marcel Bellefeuille told him that Terry Grant, a younger running back, would also be dressing and getting some carries, Cobourne could have blown up.

“I knew what was going on. I’m not an idiot,? said the 32-year-old Cobourne, who received some good advice from his wife.

“I thought about it and the smartest person in my household was like, ‘That’s less hits on your body.’ And I said, ‘You know what? You’re exactly right.’ So it’s not something I care about at all. I’m happy for the guy. He’s making plays for us. I’m happy, because all I want to do is win.?

“Avon was excited when we stepped in the meeting room the first day after Coach told us what was happening,? Grant said. “The coaching staff was also excited to have new plays we hadn’t done. It gave us energy.?

Cobourne is still contributing. He carried the ball 27 times for 137 yards the last two weeks, and had seven catches for 76 yards.

“Everyone knows the guys can run the ball, but they block for each other as well,? quarterback Kevin Glenn said. “When they set aside their pride and block for each other, that’s huge.?

Cobourne admits that Grant brings something new for opponents to worry about.

“The difference is he runs a 4.2 [40-yard dash] and I run a 4.5. That’s the big difference. I don’t think our styles are any different. He’s just as fast as hell.?

This immature selfishness is one of the reasons why the Argos are 3 and 11 and falling still...

Boyd wants to be traded perhaps. :?

Don't blame Boyd one bit...

He is a strong, tough and underutilized back.

If I were the Argo's OC, I would be running him, screening to him and busting him loose on short passes way more often.

I understand his frustration.

Barker doesn't like whiners...even whiners with valid points.

How would you like to see a backfield consist of Cobourne, Grant and Boyd?
Then we can just forget about the passing game altogether. :slight_smile:

last time the argos used boyd too much and he suffered concuissions.
he should just keep his yap shut and concentrate on getting through this year without suffering another head injury.

he missed some games this year with injury, too. he has proven he can't handle a heavy workload.

Could be bonus money tied to this too... But even this weekend in Montreal with the Argos in the lead the whole first half they didn't use Boyd. Really big problems with Elizondo IMO.

Big surprise. Maybe he isn't being used correctly, but big boys talk to their coaches about their issues and don't take to social media outlets to do it.

I think he did that, remember when he grabbed O'Shea by the shirt collar... I can't see Boyd being in TO much longer. This is going to end a la Rakuna Bruce or whatever his name is...

Boyd is a stud and misused and under-utilized by the Argos. OC Elizondo was a US college coach before joining the Argos. He's out of his depth and his element. I think he's the main reason for the Argos' popgun offence.

An Argo-Cat fan

I have to agree with that. I do believe that he's being underutilized, as he's the one who carried that team's offence last year. (Perhaps Elizondo is the coach who Barker should have canned, not Garber.) But IMHO, you do not publicly criticize your coaches like that, even if you are absolutely right.

Maybe he does want to be traded. But interestingly, a player who criticized his coaches on Twitter last year was just acquired by that team today. And Mann also believed he wasn't being utilized enough, right? As Ockham said in another thread, there could be more anti-coach tweeting going on in Toronto.

Elizondo brainstorming on his third napkin on a bubble screen play to Owens for -2 yards, first draft:


Oski Wee Wee,