An Argo is guaranteeing victory over Tiger cats

Argo linebacker, Ejiro Kuale, has made this pronouncement in today’s National Post…

"The Toronto Argonauts claimed only their third victory of the season on Saturday night against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, but linebacker Ejiro Kuale is confident it was a turning point. He was so confident, in fact, that he guaranteed his team would beat the Hamilton Tiger-Cats next week at the Rogers Centre.

When asked about the Ticats, Kuale had this to say, “Guess what? They’re going to lose next week. Period. Point blank. I’m guaranteeing it.?

And the yapping begins…

Can't wait for Stala's response. :slight_smile:

Put it on the bulletin board boys as well as a reminder of the East Semi-final last year. No more motivation needed than that.

I am guaranteeing he is talking out of his arse and we will win.

So sure am I, that'll I'll be picking them in Big Daves VGCC in an effort to stop my horrible slide down the standings and save my fantasy season. I am guaranteeing you they will win. Point blank. If I'm lying I'm dying. Bet the farm.

And you're saying this, Alexander, while your sliding down the standings...that news doesn't give me much comfort or confidence....

“Guess what? They’re going to lose next week. Period. Point blank. I’m guaranteeing it.?

So, what are giving up?,when you lose this Saturday.

No no no Kuale, you were looking for a question mark. "They're going to lose next week?" I mean, the Cats losing to the Argos is something you'd typically question.

You only have to look at what is happening to Winnipeg to see the Sport Gods are angry this season.

Blessed with the NHL coming back, a new football stadium, and a charge out of the gates to start the season, the Bummer

fans, players, and Rod Black got the Swagger-illness.

Then last week the Toronto Sun ran a story about Pierce, blowing his own horn like a Shriner in a parade.

Good things will come if the Cats stay away from boasting, like BC is doing right now.

Just like our beloved Cats, all I need is a perfect week or two and I'm a legitimate threat to win it all. My success in Big Daves VGCC is directly linked to the Cats success, as I am too much of a homer to ever bet against them.

This is BS but the biggest farce is The Extra Yard that TSN shows detailing the Argos on and off the field.

Barker is a tool and the fact that they are sucking right out of the gate looks good on them.

That's quite cocky of him considering that his team had much difficulty beating a team that was down to its third string QB and was without its starting RB. And considering his team still has the CFL's worst record.

But I'm quite sure that quote was before the game in Moncton rather than after it. You still have a chance to change your prediction, Kuale. :wink:

For sure.

Oh, and Hammer, I like your new signature. :slight_smile:

Heh, thanks man. I have one for every team in the CFL except the Eskimos. I just couldn't come up with something that wasn't either

A) Too long


B) Inappropriate

That and the Esks are my backup Western team and we haven't beaten them this season...yet. Hopefully we'll see them at the cup for some payback.

Let him talk, blah, blah, blah, we'll see.

kuale might be on to something here though,

He knows that Marcel the Shell is our head coach and that we Ticats have about a 90% chance of coming out completely flat this game, especially after a big win (how many times have we seen completely horrid starts with MB). I sure hope I'm wrong, but this game might be really close, not from the argos doing anything, but we will find ways to shoot ourselves in the foot early, our defensive secondary will probably get eaten alive again, or have 3-4 turnovers that will keep the wrecks in the game, I'm kind of worried about this one.... :expressionless:

The only guarantee that clown should make is that he's probably going to put a dirty hit on someone as he usually does. Other than that he knows nothing.

BYF, not only were they down to their 3rd string QB but they were also down to their 3rd string RB and without big mouth Doug Brown for part of that game and the blue team only beat them because Jovon Johnson effed up large by not running that missed fg out of the endzone. Danced around back there like an idiot. At one point I thought I heard LaPolice ask some of the bigger Bomber fans in the crowd what positions they could play. :wink:

8) I don't think Johnson had a chance to run the ball out of the endzone, since the Argos had good coverage on him.
 However he sure had plenty of time to easily kick the ball back out, to save the point !!

 Obviously LaPolice didn't give him those instructions, or if he did, Johnson simply didn't follow those orders !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

When he first caught that ball if he would have ran stright out he had a lane he could have made it to the 1. He didn't even try to run straight out. If you look at 38:15 or so of this clip he at least had a shot at running it out if he would have gone straight ahead.

I do also blame LaPolice for not preparing him though.

He's just playing the odds. The Cats won the last game and being an inconsistent team chances are...

Seriously? Playing the odds? When you're 3-9 the odds are that you are going to lose. Their pattern is

W-L-L-L-L-L-L-W-L-L-L-W so the best they can hope for is another win after 3 more loses. Maybe mighty mouth should do the math (but he might have to take off his shoes) :stuck_out_tongue:

well the argo fans are getting a little taste of what you must have felt like for sooooooo many years