An apology to the Riders

I wouldn't mind something like this. As long as the penalty for going over the cap is not a deterrent, teams will continue to abuse it. I would also like to see and elevating cap penalty structure to prevent chronic abuse. Year one is the prescribed penalty, year two the penalty doubles, year three it triples etc. Five years without going over, you start with a clean slate. It is my contention that the multiple years of abuse are more an issue that one bad year.

Soft cap, aka luxury tax...who cares. If your team is profitable and you are not flirting with cap every season you need to question how management is running the ship.

Flirting with the cap and going over the cap are separate and mutually exclusive. Again, going over the cap once is not a huge issue, going over the cap 4 out of 7 years is.

Not sure why we need another thread on something that happened last season

Like I said "every season"

If a team that has the fiscal resources to comfortably pay a luxury tax is not teetering on that edge (aka ~50/50) then they are not pushing the boundaries of their resources and not getting optimum finances into their asset's pockets. If they are under this year then they are 50/50 over 8 season...perfect.

The essential point was that if teams go over the cap it should carry REAL football repercussions; fines are just a cost of doing business that wealthier teams can sustain. I understand that bonuses are unpredictable, but neither should they be a means of cap evasion. It could go dollar for dollar on bonuses (like the NHL), and some progressive scale for salary overages (hypothetically: dollar for dollar up to $15,000; dollar to a dollar fifty for $15K to $45K; a dollar to 3 dollars over $45K - just examples).

It would also give a team the choice to "bulk up" with bonuses for a particular year if they are willing to accept a slightly lowered cap the following year. Actually legitimizes some cap flexibility.

That is why if you are going to have a cap it has to have real impacts for going over that would make teams think twice.

So be it, but it is a soft cap/luxury tax as it stands, so you would be pretty stupid to be concerned if you went over it yet were profitable...until you hit tier 2+ anyways, which has only happened once. The tax structure in place was developed/designed in a manor that allows teams with fiscal issues to be competitive and allow teams with solid finances to push towards the cap w/o huge fine risks, but really starts to sting them if they have blatant disregard. This promotes getting as much money into the players hands as possible, and that is a GOOD thing for the league. If something harsh was introduced it would change business practices, and you would see >100k less from several teams going towards players to provide a buffer...that is bad. If a team stays inside tier 1 they are <2% over max...big deal...they are flirting with paying a luxury tax to get every cent out there and permitted that buffer instead of imposing it themselves (good for players), but 2% is not going to buy championships.

I think the SMS works great. It forces teams to respect it but gives them grace for pushing the limit of it. I think of it like going 102 in a 100 zone...I would be fn livid if I got a speeding ticket, but respect that once you get 10% above you are starting to show disregard, and if you get really blatant the consequences escalate drastically. There hasn't been any team that showed total disregard for the cap. Only the Als went into tier 2 once, and they simply got burned by some pre-existing long term contracts and had 2 choices...really dismantle their team to make it work and hurt themselves long-term or take the draft hit 1 time...they made the right decision IMO.

Now that said, I would agree that moving the top end of tier 1 to say 1% of cap might be a good idea (so 50k in 2014), and that some sort of structure to staffers might be something to look at, though fairly couldn't really do a hard dollar figure to staff because it detours growth (ie we are starting to see stuff like QB and RB coaches, which improves the product), and if you put an individual cap you simply see every coach maxed out. You would also be unlikely to lure and retain promising Austin. The Als lured big names a couple years back, though it was a total bust, and likely couldn't have even tried that attempted that

I guess this is where we never will agree. I still think that going over the cap 4 out of 7 years is showing total disregard for the cap structure. I have said before, doing so in my mind is cheating, period. If the Eskimos are over the cap this year, I will be the first one to say that they are cheating as well. The cap is put in place to insure a level playing field. Obviously one team feels that a level playing field is not in their best interests.

Sugarcoat it all you want, breaking the rules is cheating.

Quite the whiny little baby aren't you? Of course your darling Eskimos always had an even playing field back in the days when you used to win championships, right? Cry me a river.

Going over the cap due to some clerical errors and not fully utilizing the 9 game exemption is peanuts. The real problem this league has is the habitual tampering that team x seems to have as their only way to get a leg up, and they still haven't won anything in about a decade or so even with the CHEATING they continually do and attract other documented and fined cheaters like a magnet.

Even if the CFL had a cap in the 70's and the Eskimo's were over, that is not an excuse for any team to go over today. The CFL has a responsibility to insure that all teams start on a level playing field, they should put a fine structure in place to prevent abuse of the rules, regardless of the team. Still whining about something that occured 35 years ago, not that is taking being a baby to a whole different level. Congratulations.

Terribly relevant to a discussion of the current CFL.


As an Esks fan, I see some comments where "its no excuse". Give me a break. Who the fuck cares about going over the cap due to bonuses? Bonuses shouldnt even really be included in the cap, or only half of the bonus should be included to kind of cap off lucrative bonuses. Calm down people, you guys are all screaming "no excuse" but yet you want "better play" on the field in other threads posted on here, yea, that's going to happen if teams don't take a chance here and there to POTENTIALLY go over the cap. Get a grip. It would be different if they went over BEFORE bonuses were added. That would be cheating.
Some of you baffle me on here :roll:

I guess what baffles me is saying that we should excuse going over the cap, why have rules if you don't intend to enforce them? All the teams knew the rules, all but one team obeyed the rules. The cap is there for a reason, enforce it or scrap it.

They did enforce it. Riders were fined so that's the enforcement. Now on the other hand how many times have the Esks blatently tampered with players before free agency began and were not caught or fined for it. I'm thinking at least once for every year they have been in existence. That's where the real cheating problem lies with this league. On another note I guess the Esks offer to Tearrius George this week wasn't enough to get him to jump ship from the Riders.

There is a 100k buffer in place to take bonus money into account. There is no way a team could have enough all stars to eat up that 100k buffer. So I don't think there needs to be an apology. If a team decides to budget the extra 100k in their budget it is their own fault.

That has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic, that is like saying the Eskimo's were offside so the Riders can go over the cap. What the Eskimo's may or may not have done in a totally unrelated issue has nothing whatwoever to do with this.

If they weren't caught, you can't very well punish them.

One would think the riders won the cup the way an eskie fan is acting. I still remember a poster claiming that the CFL commissioner had “stated” the riders had cheated - of course when challenged to provide the link to that quote the waffling began.

One can tell the off season is under way …