An apology to the Riders

Some time ago I screamed about the Riders going over the cap last year. I would like to apologize because Drew Edwards at the has revealed to me a part of the salary system I was not aware of.

The team also had 10 East Division and three CFL all-stars and the bonuses they earn for winning those awards also count against the cap.
This is something that could easily sideswipe a team, so I apologize to the Riders and their fanbase for screaming as feverishly as I did. This likely explains why the CFL has the $10,000 buffer zone in place.

Even if you leave a buffer, it has to be hard to anticipate, so fair enough. :thup:

good thing they don't hand out pow, pom and poy bonuses.

This was alluded to by the Riders management last year, and mentioned in the first post in the "Re: SMS - Riders Discussion (Split from 3 Riders)" thread.

For the Roughriders, their on-field success led to their failure with the cap.

"End-of-year incentives were one factor that caught us a little bit," said Taman, whose team likely had to pay bonuses to its division and CFL all-stars and league award nominees in 2013.

Whatever.. The cap is too low to be real anyways.. Like there is no way that teams dont cheat the cap with under the table cars and houses.Im sure much hasnt changed since 2005, they just lie about it now.. There is no way you can bring people up here who generally have child support payments and homes and cars back in the states and then pay them 60k or whatever and expect them to pay for another house and transport here as well.. The dollar has depreciated more than increase was frm last season so American players have takin a pay cut.. The wages floated around are laughable and the only conclussion is that the teams are all circumventing the cap and paying for housing at the very least.
Tradesmen get what is call a LOA or Living Out Allowance when they do work out of town. For six months of work this LOA at a minimum would be 15k tax free.. The size of the LOA varies from union to union and town to town.. The smallest I ever recieved was 110 a day tax free and the largest was 185 tax free.

Fair enough. But, IMO, if there is going to be a cap ANY team that signs a contract with a bonus clause should fit that payment under the cap or have their next year's cap reduced, dollar for dollar. No point having a cap if the penalty for a rich team to exceed it is only that they have to pay more money to the league.

Good by me Hammer. Cheers

So they would need to make sure their total salary without bonuses is low enough that they'd be under the cap in case every bonus ends up being paid out? And make sure they don't end up under the lower salary limit. That would pretty much eliminate all teams' ability to put bonuses into all but a few contracts.

In reality, some players will get their bonuses and some won't. Teams make guesses on how many bonuses will be paid out and for how much. Sometimes it will be higher, sometimes lower. As the article stated, the Riders' success last year resulted in a high number of all-stars than expected, meaning more bonuses than they anticipated.

Sorry, 7 of the 8 teams managed to stay under, one didn't. Ignorance is no excuse, they all knew the rules, one team decided the rules did not apply to them. Period!

The one with the best record, the one with the most all stars, and because of that, the one with the most bonus money to pay out at the end of the season.

And it was $18K - the amount one star player makes in a single game.

The amount they were over is irrelevent, what is relevent is the fact that they have exceeded the cap amount 4 of the last 7 years.

Did you actually read this thread and understand why the Riders went over the cap, or did you just read that the Riders went over the cap?

Why do you assume ignorance on the part of Rider management?

Yes, the 7 LOSER teams stayed under the cap.
The championship WINNER team had to pay out ALOT of bonus money, which put them (marginally) over the cap.

Apparently that doesn't matter. They should have cut players so they could stay under the cap once they realized that they were going to have a good year and would probably have more all star players than anticipated.


Yes I did read the thread, did you read that part where the Riders went over the cap 4 of the last 7 years, the only team to do so, I may add. Did you also not read the excuse from Taman, "End-of-year incentives were one factor that caught us a little bit,"

Excuses don't cut it, the Riders went over the cap, period. The reasons for going over and the amount they went over are irrelevent. What is the excuse for the other 3 times in the last 7 years when they didn't win?

2007 - First year of salary cap, many pre-cap contracts still in effect. Were they expected to cut those players?
2008 - Second year of salary cap, some pre-cap contracts still in effect, high number of injured players.
2010 - No idea. Anyone have an explanation?
2013 - All Star and performance bonuses.

montreal was over the salary cap the first year as well... 2008 was the year of the broken legs.. (I joked about wanting to send milk to their dressing room... (Thats the season the Dressler kind of got his shot because there were so many players out)

2014 was the year of the dropped pass and the year of the penalty..
Hopfully next year will be the year of ownership change.

2014 was the year of too much bungles.

I like the suggestion of applying bonus money against the following year. Teams would know what they're facing well ahead of time and have plenty of time to adjust. I think it would be easier to plan around.