An apology to the BC lion players and fans

As a SK roughriders fan I was appalled at my fellow "fans" conduct at last nights game. I would like to apologize to the players of the BC lions and to the fans for the horrible act of throwing drinks at the players. I, along with most rider fans, were appalled by the actions of the so called rider "fans" at last nights game at Mosaic stadium. Please accept this as an apology from those of us that do not find what happened last night acceptable. Ron Lancaster would have been ashamed and it was a horrible thing to do on a night where he was being honored, let alone to do at all. Again, sorry.

Yeah, and they were all chanting "BC SUCKS". Which they don't, BC is awesome, but thanks for your apology.

I seems to me if the beer was sold in a plastic cup it would solve the problem. I guess if you really want to throw something you'll find it, but selling beer in a can or bottle isn't a good idea. I remember some years ago when the Stamps beat the Lions in the Western final in B.C. Place a Samp player was being interviewed & a fan hit him in the helmut with a 3/4 full plastic cup of pop, so there are idiots everywhere.

Hey, Every city has their share of boneheads. An acquaintance of mine that goes to the occasional game in Regina figured it was probably the Younger “University section” that got out of hand.

I think the Lions did the right thing going out to the centre of the field until security got things under control. I am shocked that cans are sold at the Stadium. I know in all hockey and Football venues in BC, all liquor is served in plastic cups. A constructive suggestion!

Apology accepted !

You are right sporty but Management seems to be more concerned with making money rather than considering safety. I will admit it is nice to see virtually no lines to get beer but when a disgusting act like this happens, go back to the cups or start cutting people off at half time.

Thank god they don't sell bottles, if anyone remembers back in 2001 with the incident in Cleveland and how scary that really was.

Bottom line is there is absolutely no excuse for what happened Saturday night!

Also I don't believe they were real fans, just morons in the University section that got free tickets and used Mosaic as a place to drink before going to the bar.

Sorry to all B.C fans and to the organization.