An apology from a BC fan

Hi Alouette fans. Sorry about the way last night's game ended. As a longtime BC football fan, I cannot feel good about this win. The CFL needs to review the poor officiating. The play where Cobourn scored a touchdown with less than one minute remaining should have stood. If the time truly needed to be reset, the referee should never have allowed the play to begin. Remember, after play has been stopped, the referee must blow his whistle before play can resume. Montreal Allouettes should make a formal complaint.

I haven't logged into this board for about a year, but this is something that I had to vent about. The CFL needs to do something about this, that was crap. There is no doubt the refs had a direct impact on the game. No need to apologizes BC fan, it's not your fault the refs sucked. Both teams should be sorry for the way the game turned out. Reset the game clock, come on that wasn't necessary, they should have adjusted it after the play. That game left a bad taste in everyones mouth.

Montreal didn't deserve to win that one. Poor strategy, poor defensive outing, poor special teams. The better team won.

No need to apologize djlassmann1945, its the CFL who should be appologizing to its fans.
As far as the game goes, the Lions deserved the win. They moved the ball consistantly all night and the Als offence was kept on their side of the field most of the game.
IMHO the Lions offensive and defensive lines outplayed their Montreal counterparts by a wide margin.

Hey DJ. I appreciate this but as Len stated it is clearly a result of abysmal reffing and the only apology should come from the CFL. On the other hand it would have been an injustice to BC if we won because they outplayed us in every category. They deserve the win.

Class act, guy, but my team didn't deserve the win despite the horrendous officiating. I'm upset not solely because it happened to my Als, but because bush-league reffing hurts the whole league.

First time reader and poster, but after last nights game, i felt the urge...
Just got this send to me... > ... story.html

What do you think they should do about it?
Give each team a point? Allow the Als to try for a field goal or 2 point conversion before next weeks game? Let it be?
What do you think?

The key part of that article to me was the fact that the penalty called on that play was against B.C. I was under the mistaken impression it was on the Als. In this case the touchdown would have stood and the outcome of the game was directly changed by this error.

I understand B.C. played well and probably deserved the win. But you can't have games decided by nonsense like this, it destroys the credibility of the entire league.

In my mind the game needs to be wiped and rescheduled. I think at this point that's the only fair solution. Letting this travesty stand just makes the CFL look like a bush league and contributes to the assertion already being widely aired that the mistake was deliberate and intended to help the home team.

What a mess.

Officiating is part of the game. It just is. We don’t expect perfecton from the players, the coach, the fans but for some odd reason we expect it from officials. So the results stand and yes it was very poor and looks bad on the league. It is also obvious that there was no one at that late hour at the Command Centre. This is my beef. By the league offices closed well the Als and their fans didn’t get treated fairly.

Most fans have stated that games in BC against Eastern opponents start too late. The latest start time should be 3pm on Saturday or Sunday when facing Eastern teams and this confirms it. I’m on the East Coast with a start time of 11:30 pm and a game that ended around 3:30 in the morning, that’s ridiculous.

There should be a rule that games played in the CFL must end by midnight in both markets represented. If BC wants to have some Friday night games at home play them against Alberta teams, not against Eastern teams. When they visit Ontario and Quebec the revervse should hold as well. Can’t be much fun trying to follow your team when they play at 14:30 on a friday when most people are at work.

I mean they play three home games against Eastern time zone teams, those three games should be played on Sat. or Sunday afternoon. That leaves them six home dates to play in the evening.

No need to apologize. I think we all agree that the referees blew this game. As much as I can say BC outplayed Montreal, no one 'deserves' to win until the gun sounds. Montreal was prepared for the last minute counter-punch and would have succeeded in tying the game if it weren't for the weak, fumbling, miscommunicating officiating. The game would have been tied and we should have been able to witness a fantastic (if not overtime) finish.
All we are left with is another agonizing loss in Vancouver and the entire CFL community embarrassed by the referee's performance.

We all witnessed a great game, let's move on look on the bright side. It's not like the Als are going to end up anything less than first in the east anyways.

Is that the bright side for Ti-Cats fans also? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am an Als season ticket holder, so my comments should be taken into context.

  1. The CFL is NOT Mickey-Mouse and usually delivers a superior product. I like the rules of the game better than NFL and still enjoy the fact that the players are not girl-chocking, wife-beating, dog-fighting PAC-MAN Joneses, who make more money than Fortune 500 CEO's because they can catch a ball.
  2. The CFL's rule are clear: IF (And that is still a big "IF" for me) the whistle had blown, then the play does not stand.
  3. Officiating botches, low-flying birds and poltergeist-posessed electronics are part of the game. Stuff is going to happen.
  4. If the Als had been more dominant on Friday then the outcome of the game wouldn't have been decided by a single error. If you don't obliterate your opponent then you are tempting fate, and sometimes fate sucks.
    Let's enjoy the rest of the season because CFL is a great game.
    I for one will be at the game on Sunday looking for my team to put the beat-down on the Lions!
    BTW; Wally is a homer but I expect the coach of a CFL team to look less like an idiot while doing so. Come on Wally, WTF?

Higgins said the whistle didn't blow (which is confirmed if you watch the replays).