An American BC Lions Fans!!

Hey name is Todd & I live in St.Louis,Missouri. I've been a BC Lions Fan since the early 1970's. Back in the early 70's when ESPN first started, they would show a live CFL game every week and I've been hooked ever since. For many years the only information I got was in the USA Today paper in the sports section & then when the internet became...then I was really able to follow my favorite CFL team. I've got BC Lions ballcaps & t-shirts that I wear with pride. I was also in the hospitality business for 13 yrs & we would get a bunch of guests from Canada & when I would tell them that I was a BIG BC LIONS FAN...they were shocked because there aren't many CFL Fans in the U.S.

Welcome to the site Stingray. Always glad to hear our American friends enjoying the CFL. What is that you enjoy the most about the CFL? Any favorite Lions players? Any Lions players from Missouri? :thup:

Wow! Do not see Lions fans in Missoura every day. Welcome. :thup:

You dont hear of many Lions fans outside BC. Welcome to the CFL forums! And thanks for supporting the Pride down there in the US of A.

I'm curious to know why the Lions sparked your interest as opposed to any other team in the CFL? My allegiance stems back to my youth as I grew up in BC, which I'm sure is the reason for most Lions fans, and CFL fans in general.

Todd, you mentioned there are few CFL fans in America. Is that because you already have the NFL and college ball? Or is it more just because the CFL is Canadian and really doesn't register with sports fans down there? I'd be interested in your response.

Welcome to the Pride.

Dooger in Surrey

There are a couple of USA BC Lions fans on the Lionbackers forum that I'm aware of. One from Ohio, and the other from Alabama.