An All Canadian O'line?

Do you think it is possible to go with an all Canadian o'line this season? Do we have the talent at training camp to make that work? If so, who do you see playing each position? Who would be the backups?

I doubt that Chris Best will start at left tackle. Too complex of a position to toss at a raw rookie although the guy is supposedly extremely clever.

i think 4 canadians and 1 american

I think jman 135 is right. It would probably go something like: Makowsky, O'Day, Smith, Abou-Mechrik, and Feugill-Import. With Lazeo and Frenette backing up, along with Best, unless he turns into a complete all-star.

An All-Canadian O line would be awesome. Plus, if Fantuz could start at Slot, we could put 3 imports at linebacker (Hunt, Lloyd and whoever is best as SAM).

Thats what id be shoootin for.

well obviously an all Canadian O line is optimum, but realistically this year, itll start 4Cs, and 1A

I think either Abou-Mechrek or Lazeo could play the left tackle position. Both have played it in the past although Lazeo only as a mid game injury replacement. When he did, to quote Chris Walby, "the line never missed a beat." I would feel more comfortable with them over Chris Best unless he totally dominates in the preseason at that position.

I could see O'Day center, Lazeo right guard, Smith left guard, Makowsky right tackle and Abou-Mechrek left tackle, Frenette and Parenteau backing up with Best being one of the four players on the roster not dressing for the game. There would not be much wrong with that starting group.

If management is thinking of at least one import starter, it will be interesting to see who actually gets the nod. My heart is with Hall but I think Johnson is the best of the crop although Austin is familiar with Feugill. It will probably be the one who has the best lateral movement.

But it will likely be as jman135 says: 4 Canadians and one import, from right to left, Makowsky, Smith, O'Day, Abou-Mechrek and an import.