An AC stamp

Well, for whatever AC bashers there may still be out there, Canada Post decided to honour the CFL's 100th Grey Cup with a postage stamp featuring - you guessed it! - none other than Anthony Calvillo! How 'bout dem apples?

indeed with another legendary Als QB Sonny Wade....

[url=] ... post-stamp[/url]

Where is Sam Etcheverry ?

Good point. Might have to do with the fact he is deceased but not a valid reason.

AC and SW 25 years apart winning in the same icy conditions against edmonton and winning the MVP. The perfect tandem.

Now I can happily croon:
God Bless the Queen




He's got a stamp!!!

Now you can't bring in McPherson
Save the team's future
And perhaps even salvage the season.



Well, you'll always have that game McPherson started against Hamilton... Ah, the memories :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep....the 1st of many
EVERY time anyone mentions it
The taste will be all the sweeter for me
And more bitter for you

Ah words
A delight to the just
A bite to the gut
Of those who can't hit
That italics nut

[i]There once was a man called Senior
Who had a very weak femur
Who tried to hit the italics nut
And fell on his two-forty pound butt!

:thup: [/i]

There once was a man named Senior
Who tried out a Cleveland steamer
Who then threw a horrible fit
As he realised he was covered in ****

The Sex Pistols' version of course. And never mind the bollocks. :lol: :lol: