An Abundance of Placekickers

Now that Congi has been released, there seems to be a few quality placekickers out there that won't be starting next year. Out of the eight teams listed below, six of them had a kicker with over 82% success rate. The starters for each team next year should look like this:

BC: McCallum
Calgary: Paredes/Maver
Edmonton: Schiavone
Saskatchewan: Milo
Winnipeg: Palardy
Hamilton: Medlock
Toronto: Prefontaine
Montreal: Whyte

DeAngelis (most accurate kicker in CFL history), Congi (second most accurate), and one of Paredes/Maver could be on the outside looking in. The Alouettes drafted Brody McKnight in the first round of last year's draft, so you would think that they would make room for him somehow and Austin Anderson of McGill is ranked as the 12th best player available in the 2012 draft. Does anyone see a spot opening up for one of these guys, or will somebody have to wait until Ottawa comes into the league?

DeAngelis must be a real A-hole if no one will pick him up... He's Canadian and better then every kicker on your list except McCallum and Medlock.. Although from outside 50 Id take DeAng over McCallum... He had an off year in Hamilton...but it wasnt that bad... he still hit around 70%... Like I said...there more to this story then meets the eye... Much like Vanderjact being black balled from the NFL...Personality played a role... The fact all of the coaches are American in the CFL and in America kickers are to be seen but not heard.

Finny how times change... We suddenly have to many kickers and just a short time ago had to bring in imports like Setta,Serna,and Duval because we never had enough kickers....

DeAngelis was with Montreal in 2011.

Seems ridiculous that he's out of work and amatures like Palardy have work...

DeAngelis' personality has little to do with the fact that he isn't on a team right now. It's his performance that has him as a free agent right now. He got released by Hamilton for having a completion percentage below 80%. He may have been a fantastic kicker for a good stretch, but he's simply not the same kicker he used to be. The same happened with Damon Duval. For quite some time, he was a great kicker, and even posted the CFL record for most points scored in a season, but he's fizzled out ever since. These kickers were released because of their performance, not their personality.

It's silly to attack someone's personality based solely on the fact that they're not currently on a football team. You've never met the man, and all you have are misguided preconceived notions of his character, so it's honestly not your place to say what kind of person he is.

Oh come on!!!!Everyone knows that Deang was cocky as hell
He even made it on PTI who don't even give the time of day to the NHL...never mind the CFL....
Then all the noise he made about goin to the NFL....and then more noise when he didn't