An A-Hole in Ottawa

People were heckling Whyte and London all night.
At the end of the game some A-hole threw a bear can at London

click the pic

Yeah they've had a few problems in Ottawa this year with drunks and fights outside the stadium. You see the security guard walk over in your video. Did they arrest/evict the idiot?

Security guard didn't do anything

wouldn’t it be nice if the whole world were just like you and me :slight_smile:

Yep, I witnessed that too. London did the heads up move and swatted the can away. Then it turned into a WWE moment with him almost jumping into the stands. I saw you telling him not to get involved Richard. Good job. :thup:

I was sitting six rows behind the Als bench and I gotta tell ya, those redblack fans heckled the whole night, literally. Duron Carter was being blasted too.

Being one of the 3 Als fans in that section was hostile. Then they saw the name Chugabunch on my jersey and they started on me. A first for me was being scolded! Buddy gets out of seat from 7 rows above me, comes down and waves his finger and blahblahblah... I returned the favour and pointed to the scoreboard.

You know people are really drunk when a guy like me was thinking "cut them off". Ottawa is a peacfull town, boring in fact, but not at football games.I love the fact the city is really behind their team but wow, talk about lunacy.

That's what happens when you serve REAL beer at football games. Drunks ruin it for the rest of us.

Weird i attend alot of habs sens games in ottawa and they are calm
I guess beer is cheaper at the stadium.

Unfortunately that idiot is NOT the norm in Ottawa.

We sit in the upper deck overlooking that section and we do hear the heckling of the visiting team, but have not yet seen any beer being thrown before. It's too bad some people give the rest of the fans a bad name. We have however seen a few drunks being "escorted" out from the upper deck on a nightly basis. :roll:

Don't worry..I never thought it was the norm, nor did I mean to Imply it

Met some very nice people in line for and on the shuttle