an 8 -9 record in 2011 context

Five teams are 10-7 only 2 games better.

So is 8-9 really as bad as it normally should be?

Does anyone ever recall such parity?

Winnipeg 10 7
Montreal. 10 7
Hamilton. 8 9
Toronto... 5 12

B.C.Lions 10 7
Edmonton 10 7
Calgary... 10 7
Sask....... 5 12

Well considering that the Cats dropped two very close games to two of those teams (one vs Winnipeg when Williams was stripped of the ball and one vs the Als due to inept refereeing) I guess we could be 10 and 7 as well.

I just can't imagining where the consistency on the road is going to come from though...

One week we look like world beaters and then the next we look awful. The back to back with the Als and the last two weeks come to mind. We have to get a number one QB established and then be able to win two straight on the road to get to the GC. I don't know if Marcel is the kind of coach that can rally the troops sufficiently to get our guys there.

Our 8-9 record does show that we are weak on the road.

There are five teams with winning records in an eight team league and we are not one of them. They are all good teams and have had to play each other several times throughout the season. It's not so much mediocricy it's five very good teams and someone has to lose in each game. When those teams have to play the other four winning teams so much none of them are going to have great records. We are just not included in this fairly large group of elite teams. Just my point of view on it all.

The 5 teams that are 10-7 are still fighting for positioning which could be good for the Cats. Teams like Winnipeg and B.C. are pretty banged up and the Ticats have the most rest time because of the game being played on Thursday which gives them 10 days of rest and preperation before the playoff game. Heres hoping !!! :thup:

I guess the problem is that it's hard to see your own team with as clear a vision as when you look at the others. You know, the other man's grass is always greener. You raise some good points. Watching Montreal and Winnipeg stumble over the weekend, they resembled this Hamilton team. Makes you wonder if anyone really wants first place in the east.

The next few weeks are going to be exciting, but nerve wracking.

Have to just keep repeating to myself...yes..we can ...yes we can...yes we can.....

500 is not good

Close only counts in horse shoes and hand granades.

This team is no better then last two teams from 2009 and 2010

Paridy for certain, 5 teams at 10/7 two teams at 5/12 and the Ticats are the spoiler ,can they finish 9/9 and the Arg's 5/13?

And where did THAT get Obama???? Lol

...and lawn darts. And Australian-rules football.

And curling.

And bocce.

[quote="CaptainKirk"]Five teams are 10-7 only 2 games better.

So is 8-9 really as bad as it normally should be?

Does anyone ever recall such parity?

Cap'n: I don't think "such parity" is what we should be looking at.
The problem is that after three seasons we will be lucky to be at .500. In other words, despite all the trades and new assistants we are still the same as we were three years ago. No improvement.
BC has improved over the season. Edmonton has improved over the season. You could even argue that the Blue team has improved. We have not.
It could be said that if we had improved we should have been in first place in the East because Montreal and Winnipeg are not as strong as expected this season.
Using other teams weaknesses to shore up our under .500 season so far doesn't make me feel any better about where this team is. :cry:
" You are what your record is"- Bill Parcells.

And if they win the GC with a 500 record you are probably still going to complain about it.

I enjoy winning much more than losing like everyone else in the world (except maybe Leaf fans who seem perfectly content to lose for some reason :lol: ) but I don't give a flying rat's behind what are regular season record is this year. We are in the playoffs. At that point regular season means diddly squat. It's one game at a time to the GC.

I agree with your comments. I think much more was expected from this team going into the season. At the end of training camp, Obie himself said he saw "something special" about this group of players. Now, there seems to be a lack of confidence, focus and leadership that is preventing the team from reaching its potential. The two quarterback experiment was a gamble at best and has backfired because neither QB has clearly emerged as the one whom the team can trust to lead it through the playoffs. And, at the worst possible time, there now appears to be a division in the locker room.
Can the team still regroup and get to the GC? Certainly, but it is now a longshot at best.

Nuclear War.

Poop Fights.

Hopefully, the Hamilton Nine&Niners decided to take the game off due to having to play the last game of the season on short rest. It’s not often a .500 club cruises into the playoffs but it may pay off.

Although Ham seems to have some players with talent they don’t have a team, more like a bunch of individuals playing for a paycheck. Sad and discouraging to say this. :frowning: I think thats the difference between us and the Bummers or Ed.

At this stage of the season, an 8 and 9 record doesn't make me feel any better. I would suggest that given the
recent play of the Ticats, we are going to end up with a final record of 8 and 10. (Hope I'm wrong)

Some of you feel that making the playoffs is all that really matters. I disagree. Season ticket money is spent
for fan entertainment throughout the entire season, not just the playoffs.

The 2011 edition of the Hamilton Tiger Cats was presented to us with great fanfare from the team management
and the media. Lest we forget, this fanfare is generated in order to sell tickets and most of us get sucked in by it.

I'm not supporting this team for playoffs alone, but rather, the long haul which includes the entire season.
I consider monies spent to support the Ticats as a large piece of my entertainment dollar and I am extremely

Are you dreaming in Technicolour?
Even if we beat the Argos, we will still be 9-9. That makes it 3 years in a row, going 9-9. My math says we are not making any progress.
And if you think we will beat ANYONE in the playoffs, then you are as gullible as MB.
This Team is the Jekyl & Hyde of the CFL. If we can't beat a SASK Team, playing their 2nd-string QB, and missing Fantuz & Simpson - what are the chances we beat Montreal, or Winnipeg?
The only way we win in the first-round of the playoffs is if we lose to the hated ARGOS. Because we can't win 2 games in a row....

The Tiger-Cats have won 3 games in a row this season.

19 Sat Jul 16 Saskatchewan 3, Hamilton 33
21 Fri Jul 22 Hamilton 39, BC 31
26 Fri Jul 29 Montreal 26, Hamilton 34

Don't hit them with "FACTS"...they would rather think the sky was falling. :expressionless:

Nope, not dreaming at all. If this season has shown anything at all it is that you NEVER know which team is going to show up and that doesn't just mean the Ticats. There isn't a single team this year that hasn't gotten beat by a team they should have beaten. If you think we have no chance at all of winning in the playoffs why even bother to watch? I go into every game thinking we can win it or I might as well not watch it.

PS We have won 2 games in a row. I'm not naive, I'm just not a doom and gloomer about the team like a lot of the charmers on this site.