Amy News or Rumors concerning Lumsden ?

Amy News or Rumors concerning Lumsden ?

I hope we keep him and trade Keith or Caulley for decent Dlineman.

I just heard on SportsConnect that he's close to signing with the Esks, base salary of 75K with incentives.

We won't sign him... every player asking more than $50K is to expensive for this club now that we spent the bank getting Gauthier :roll:

If that rumor is true then Jessie messed when turning down a reported 150 k offer last year to stay in the hammer

Found this in the Edmonton Journal. It was updated at 6pm.

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Eskimos have made their big splash on the Canadian Football League free agency market, attracting linebacker Maurice Lloyd from the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Sources say they signed Lloyd to a one-year plus an option deal.

Maciocia also managed to attract free-agent safety Scott Gordon from the Riders and replaced the loss of offensive lineman Joe McGrath with the signing of Kyle Koch from Winnipeg.

Fullback and special-teams player Graeme Bell also joins the Esks as a free agent from Winnipeg. Both Koch, who played at McMaster, and Bell are non-imports, who affect the Canadian ratio.

The Eskimos were said to be still conversing with Canadian running back Jesse Lumsden, but he is expected to remain in Hamilton.

Earlier the Esks had lost McGrath, a Moose Jaw native, to the Roughriders and traded safety Siddeeq Shabazz to Winnipeg for defensive lineman Kai Ellis.

A few days ago, Ticat GM Bob O'Billovich indicated that Jesse Lumsden would test the free agent market and might come back and talk to the Ticats to see if they would match it. If the report about a contract offer by the Eskimos for a base salary of $75,000 plus incentives is correct, surely the Ticats could match that offer.

Not that it matters to others but I got a 10 year old son that sure hopes Jesse stays in Hamilton.

potentially good news

Thanks for noting that. I should note though, that it was updated at 6:00 p.m. MST, so it was apparently updated only about an hour ago.

Here is a link to that article.

And at this time you can click here to see how long ago that was posted.

It will be interesting to know what kind of offers Lumsden will be getting as he tests the market. Do we have the cap space to match those offers?

YES , I think OBIE should consider a few things , One is that Jessie is a fan favorite and local boy and that is what we want here . Also he has huge upside and very much worth 75 k plus incentives .

What concerns me thought about OBIE is how easily let go of one of the other big fan favorites and likely our
best player.

Last year , 2 of the main reasons I went to games is to see Zeke and Jessie . Keeping fan favorites is important .

Looks like Ticats are still in the running for Jesse …reported a 2 hours ago

[url=] ... 4F8_O7Aecg[/url]

And Toronto wasn’t stopping there. The Argos were also in the running for free-agent running back Jesse Lumsden. Sources say other teams vying for Lumsden are Winnipeg and Edmonton with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats also interested in re-signing him.

Overall, there were two trades and 16 players either signing new deals or agreeing to them Monday. And there certainly was a premium on offensive lineman as seven switched teams.

The flurry of opening-day deals did dramatically thin out the free-agent talent pool with Lumsden regarded as the top remaining player. However, he’s expected to sign a new contract very soon.

This report on the 900 CHML website similarly notes that the Ticats, Argos, Eskimos and Blue Bombers are still contenders to sign Jesse Lumsden:

[url=] ... ID=1063455[/url]

I think the Argos always seem to go over the cap and I have no reason to think they won;t outbid everyone for Lumsden cosidering they lost Dorsey .

I hope I am wrong and that OBIE has been downplaying Jessie to make other teams think twice about him .

This is a business and its about what's best for the TEAM. Jesse has proven he has an inability to stay healthy and as such the team shouldn't be prepared to pay just anything to keep him. Obie did his part to try to resign him earlier in the season and Jesse decided to explore free agency. This is Jesse's decision and good on Obie for doing what he could.

Sorry, GMs never consider this. Sports is a business.

It's just my speculative opinion, but I'd say that if there was a team willing to over-pay for Jesse we'd now about it by now. This leads me to thinking the offers are all close so in that case the motivation for a change (for Jesse) should be minimized. Selling a house in this market isn't optimal, relocating incurs costs, distance from family, etc. Unless a team was a sure-lock to win the GC what's the point in not re-signing with the Cats?

8) Jesse has already stated that even if he leaves Hamilton to play in another city, he would not sell his house in Hamilton. He would rent it out to some players on the TiCat team for the season !!
 However if he signs with Toronto, he wouldn't even have to rent it out  !!!!       <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Can someone please tell me what "Amy News" means?

Yes AMY is always on top of rumours and she always seems to get the news first!

"The Canadian Press reported last night the Argos are also interested in free agent Jesse Lumsden. Other teams reportedly vying for the non-import running back are Winnipeg and Edmonton. O'Billovich said yesterday he hadn't spoken to Lumsden recently.

The team will hold a news conference tomorrow at 1 p.m. to formally introduce Gauthier, and yesterday afternoon O'Billovich was hopeful he might have a few more names to announce."