Amusing moment

Not sure if anybody else caught this, but after the final whistle as coach Cortez walks over and shakes the hand of one of the Argo coaches. It appears as though the camera person for TSN was a little too close to coach Cortez. Bumping into him as he turned away from the Argo coach. I thought Cortez was going to take a swing at the camera person.


I thought I heard George say something as he left the field at the end of the game, maybe it was at that occasion. I couldn't catch what it was, but the tone didn't sound friendly. Perhaps, it was directed at that same cameraperson. I'd have to listen again to catch it.

I was going to post about this in the game thread because it made me laugh.

Sounded like he said something along the lines of "I told you that if that ever happened again I would........" and then the camera cut away.

Poor camera guy..........

Yes - I heard that part, too.

But I was wondering if Cortez was referring to getting soaked at the end of the Game, with Gatorade.
I kept rewinding the part where he gets soaked, & it seemed to me that he wasn't too happy about it.

I think he may have been talking to 1 of the players who did the soaking????


:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

We're all still getting to know our new head coach. But in describing him, I'm guessing few of us would use words like "jovial," "carefree" or even "affable."

(Not that that's a bad thing)

I watched as Cortez headed across the field towards the dressing room after this incident … he was walking with the chap who coordinates the media interviews for the Cats … pretty sure that guy got an earful.

Cortez is only interested in football … the incidentals that go with being a Head Coach tend to annoy him.

The camera guy is not the victim here. George was complaining to me after the game about the TSN guys being very intrusive all game long. The risk they are running being overly aggressive with their cameras (besides giving George, or others, the occasional bruise) is that George does not have to get angry. As the guy in charge he can just ban them from the Ticats section of the sideline altogether. :wink:

We're all still getting to know our new head coach. But in describing him, I'm guessing few of us would use words like "jovial," "carefree" or even "affable." (Not that that's a bad thing)
You are right, on the field he is -all- business. But when you get him off the topic of winning football games then "jovial," "carefree" or even "affable" are precisely the words I'd use to describe Coach Cortez.

I've noticed a lot of collisions between media and players, especially tight stadiums like IW and McGill. There is a safety issue as well here that I'm not sure these technicans understand what can happen if a 265 pound man in cleats and armor collides with a technician holding a microphone "spear" or 50 pounds of camera and batteries.

Same with those tables set up at IW, those are an accident waiting to happen.

He can be whatever he likes as long as we win football games!

This touches on one of my dislikes with TSN telecasts. I don't listen to the audio (use CHML and live with the video lag) and I hate when they get in a player's face on the bench. What wonderful news will we hear that we don't know...thank God for my abilities etc; not much on blockers and the general feeling the player would like to be left alone. You never hear them say things like 'did you see me make a fool of that guy', cause they know better.
The bench and area, during the game, should be off limits to camera and audio people. The media seems to respect this concept for the coaches on the sidelines, why not the players? Let the media probe after the half or after the game. As far as I am concerned the media is far too intrusive into peoples thoughts. Let them report the facts, I'll add my own thoughts and ideas.

Agreed, does anyone else get a little tired of the camera left on to a player after a score or even a bad play and it seems like the camera is there forever. When Prefontaine missed the kick the other night, the camera man must have come up and stood in front of him for at least 10 minutes. What is this?
Okay let the camera man race into the end zone to film a celebration but why does he have to sit on the bench with the players and then stick the camera in their faces.
The coaches don't need the camera in their faces either.

It is kind of fun to see players high fiving on the sidelines or congratulating each other after a touchdown.

But, I agree that there are times when the camera is too much there. Just during the last game, I saw a couple of players get up and walk away when the camera lingered too long for their comfort. I've even started to feel kind of uncomfortable for the player, wondering when is this clown going to get the thing out of his face. It's also gets quite boring to watch.

I like the job TSN does on the CFL broadcasts overall, but we could do without that silliness!!!!

I would agree with TSN's cameras being stuck in players faces for far too long after a play. Three to five seconds is a reasonable abmount of time but TSN regularly has them in their face for 10 - 15 seconds.
This is not the fault of the camera man but the producer in the truck. The producer is God during a telecast, he relays what he wants to the director, the director then gives the orders to the appropriate people.
That's about the only thing I don't like about TSN's broadcast, that and the duo of Rod Black and Duane Forde, those two are not very good football broadcasters.

Maybe they need a designated area at each end of the bench where cameras are allowed. If a player wants to say something to the camera, he can stop there on his way to the bench and thank a deity or his mom, tell a joke (NOOOOOOOO!), whatever. But if he doesn't want the camera in his face too long, he can walk through the area quickly to the safety of the bench. Not much will stop the zoom lenses, but at least it's not as intrusive.