Amusing Anecdote

I sat in section 205. Right underneath Giant Ron Lancaster Plaque. Those seats were at the very top, but I could totally see everything. Too bad it costs $110 for Two tix.

No bullsh@t when Flick caught that sick One-hander in the Endzone my girlfriend actually spit beer all over the dude in front of her.

I instantly began to laugh. He turned around and looked at her, she apologized, but the damage was done.

I couldn't stop laughing. It was like a movie or something. She was completely embarassed, I didn't stop laughing. In fact I am laughing about it Right now.

When the Ref put his hands in the air and the crowd erupted she totally spit her beer everywhere; memorable.

Sounds really funny. I remember once at a Rider game last year against Calgary, me and some friends when down to field level during warm ups and taunted some of the Stamps players. We told Copeland he was over-rated and he taunted back. It was fun.

I do the western pizza zone thing every game now and taunt players all the time. It's a great time. lol@ beer spillage. That's harsh for the guy sitting in front of your girl.

I sat in those seats in the endzone once when many years back when I was at the game with Regina Minor Football and those are the seats they give you. Couldn't see the game at all, terrible seats.

I think I will be sitting in those "terrible" seats on Friday.

$20 or close to that.

Uhhh. . . Do they allow beer in that Section?
Where is the Beer Stand?
Cheers buddy.

We wil try not to spit Beer all over you when the Riders make some off the hook Touchdown catches.

Beer is allowed in that section. There is a table set up by across from the consession, you'll find it.


You must be really short, or just have horrible eyes. You can see most everything from those seats. For things you want a closer look at, the jumbo-tron is right infront of you. I prefer the western pizza seats to most of the regular seats out there. The price is great too.

Are they good seats? I'm planning on going to the game against EDM on the 28th, and I was thinking of sitting there.

For that game, I'm on the 55 yard line, baby....

8) :thup:

Keep in mind I was 12 at the time :wink: All I can remember from sitting over there was that it was difficult to see how many yards a play goes. You can see the sideline to sideline stuff very good and the touchdowns scored right in front of you though.

Don't you get a special deal at Western Pizza prior to teh game with those tickets?

yea, it's the ticket, free ribs, a free beer and a free ride to and from the game for $25.

OK, it is a lil hard to see how many yards are made when the play is far downfield. However, I don't have a problem, and yea, when the play is in the endzone, it's superior. For the price, I think it is worth it to sit there over other seats.

I misread the date. I might be going to the game against EDM on AUG 18th. Seats sound alright, but I'm now planning on sitting on the 40-50 yard line after looking at the chart at