AMSOIL Power Rankings: Let's get spicy

TORONTO — Hello. You might be here because you’re mad.

Perhaps social media has exposed you to some sizeable movement in the Power Rankings presented by AMSOIL this week. Teams that have long occupied the top spots have stumbled a little. Other lower ranked teams have moved up. You’re likely wondering internally, perhaps externally and definitely will be asking in the comments, what are we thinking over here?

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This is actually a well-justified ranking, and I’m not saying that because my team is on top. The power analysis is pretty on for each squad, even if you disagree with where certain teams are placed.

I never take these very seriously. The only thing that jumps out at me is Saskatchewan at #2. Huh? Winning one game against a recent non playoff team wouldn’t cause me to put them that high.


I saw that too but all we have is one week of results.

Totally agree

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Who is this guy and why doesn’t he understand power rankings?

As I said, Saskatchewan is far too high as a result of one win over a team that hasn’t shown itself to be playoff material.

Toronto should be higher, beating a team many picked to go to the GC.

Winnipeg looked terrible but to drop to the bottom on one game? Not how it works. Arguably BC should be lower, choking on a sizeable lead to a team that was forced to start it’s backup QB.

It’s all guesswork and for fun but certain parameters need to be intact and only Saskatchewan I think is way out of whack as would be Winnipeg be dropping to the bottom. Must be a homer guy giving his biased opinion.


I think it’s safe to say his view is from the centre of the universe.

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totally agree with your assessments, on placings AND that these rankings are more for fun and giggles than anything to be taken even halfway accurate.
Especially after game one.

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Hard to place them all at this point, I’d put them into tiers


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Teirs make more sense than what is current after game one.
But for sure it is subjective to personal bias.
Right now there was absolutely nothing to warrant the bombers at the second their except your bias.?

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Actually, I should put Sask ahead of WPG as they won their opener.
Taking my personal bias out!

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But a teir to me means they are equal so no need to place in any order

In defence of not putting the Bombers last, any rankings like this take into account what the team is forecasted to do. The Bomber team is full of star vets and coaching staff that have been there done that.
In no way do they deserve to be at the bottom after one bad game, or even 2. But in no way do they deserve to be at the top either.
There are still 3 or 4 teams that have proven little over the past few years, and until they do they stay at the bottom for me.


The team that worries me the most is the Stamps. They usually take no more than half a season to rebuild to contend. Last season was strange for them to just squeak into playoff because two other teams were just as crappy as they were.
They looked pretty sharp in game one.

Riders and elk and Ottawa and Hammy need to go much to rise .
I agree the Riders had no business moving to sole number two after just one win over a team that has been in doldrums along with the Riders the past few seasons.
Your teirs make a lotta sense

Riders looked good though, and with another win would move into that 1st tier IMO

The season is young. There are no real trends yet
One trend I always see except last year is that The stamps are always a contender. They were not a very good team last year. I don’t see that as continuing this year.
BC is allegedly a loaded team . so far we do not see that. But again, one game don’t show much.

Next game is the Cats… A team w that somewhat perpetually struggling also. Need more than a win over bottom of the bottom half to prove a quantum jump in the standings

Good teams win the games that they should. If they can go 2-0 on the road and have the Cats at home for game #3, I think Rider fans are pretty happy.
On the flipside, this is a huge game for the Cats. Next week will be alot tougher. They need to win this one, or face real possibility of being 0-3

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