AMSOIL Power Rankings: An eventual collision course

TORONTO — With five weeks of play in the books of the 2024 season, we have a pair of undefeated teams leading their respective divisions.

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Not much to argue with here. I’d give Calgary the edge over Toronto. They came close to an upset over Montreal in Montreal. Montreal handled Toronto fairly easily. Last week I questioned Saskatchewan being ahead of BC since they hadn’t beat any team that had won a game. Last weekend that changed. I would probably still give the edge to BC but we’ll see how this weekend turns out. Saskatchewan might prove that they belong in second but I’d be surprised.

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While @Stamps67 take issues with Calgary Toronto, I would argue that the Riders win last week didn’t say much to me. Toronto, on 6 days rest, on the road, vs the Riders coming off the bye week, at home, with a coach who likely knows the Argo’s playbook and at worst knows the tendencies of most of Toronto’s defence wasn’t enough to put them ahead of BC, but that will sort itself out this week.

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EEEYYY! Two spots up!

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How on earth is Elks rated ahead of Bombers?? At 8 is realistic.

Aren’t you just a ray of sunshine…

IF and i highly doubt you did, read the reason why, then wait for an adjustment next week…

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