Amhan Green released

as per RDS

Released as he failed his physical because of a thigh injury.

I have to say I am disappointed as I felt he was the best bet to protect A.C.

Tough break for Green, but he has a lot of miles on that body and it probably shouldn't be a surprise that he took longer to heal than he or the team wanted. And from our standpoint, it's better to release him now so someone else can get his touches in TC.

So now we're down to Whitaker, Cobb, Bernard, and Marc. Should be an interesting camp.

No surprise from me. At 34 and the "mileage"/hits" on his body,it is time to quit. Cobb and Whitaker should win the "battle".

Will Porter-WR- be the next?


Agreed, no surprise either. And also agree that Whitaker and Cobb are the forerunners at this point.

Jerry Porter looked pretty good actually at camp today. He made a nice grab of a bomb from Santos who I must say has a pretty good arm! 1st ever training camp and I didnt regret the 2 hour drive!

I agree, it appears Green is over the hill. I dont think there are many NFL types who, at that age, would make a cfl team. This shows that age is a huge criteria for CFL'ers making it extrememely difficult for older vets. I do hope that AC, being 38 years, is not vulnerable to injury and, of becomming too old to recover should he indeed get struck down. With this possibility becoming a reality, its time for the team to ensure that AD McPherson gets the reps needed to develop his potential. Next year could be too late!

Cont 'd The only players who continue to play to an "older " age are the punt/kickers.

i would have liked to see him take a few snaps in the CFL. maybe BC will pick him up.

It just seems like bad injury timing for Green. If he'd had that injury earlier, or later, he might not have been cut, but getting injured right now when everyone is trying to learn the playbook would have put him behind the other backs. If you're a vet, or playing at an uncontested position, you can get away with being injured, but not when you're in a dogfight with the favorite (Whitaker), a former 1000-yard rusher (Cobb), and Benson and Marc besides. As Popp said, he was never able to participate in a full workout, so they cut him.

C'est un peu une déception, et pas une déception en même temps. Déception pour Green qui voulait toujours jouer et qui ne prenait pas cette situation à la légère. Pas une déception pour l'équipe, pour qui une blessure durant la saison aurait été bien pire. Entre temps, les autres sentiront plus qu'ils ont une meilleure chance maintenant que Green n'est plus dans la course.

Called it

Who's next in the "can't replace Cobourne if you tried" sweepstakes?

DeAndra'i[/i]Cobb or Yvensoni[/i]Bernard...

Classless way to speak about guys wearing our uniform. Your a lousy fan.

I liked Bernard's running. Was he prone to fumble?

Why be classy when you can bash Als players and predict doom and gloom before we've played even a single down of preseason football, eh? :wink:

Well it would appear, upon review, that he's not an Als fan particularly, but rather a fan of specific individual players. . .McPherson, Vann, Hawkins, Cobourne, Owens. . . and as long as they are Als he's an Als fan, but if the team has the temerity to release or lose in free agency one of those anointed heroes, then the sky falls. Three straight Grey Cup appearances? Two consecutive Grey Cup victories? It matters not, they're fools if they don't hang on to my personal favourite players !!!!!!

Some became favorites only when they left the team.

And you can't spell
So there



I can't question the idiotic decisions made by the management of the team?
Or the questionable decision to opt for rejects from teams we've beaten...rejects who have serious flaws to their game?
Flaws that have been seen over the course of several seasons?

"Fans" is a word derived from fanatic
In a purely semantic discussion then...I am not a fan...nor would I want to be
I analyse what I see and comment as seriously and honestly as I can
For the good of all
And to get it off my chest...frankly

That it annoys and draws such petty and irrelevant comments from the Alouettes cheerleaders can only lead me to conclude I am doing a good job of it.
So keep it up girls
And I promise to do the same.

I just wish he'd become an Argo fan (for Owens) or a Cats fan (for Cobourne) so we wouldn't have to put up with his Chicken Little routine.

Three straight Grey Cup appearances? Two consecutive Grey Cup victories? It matters not, they're fools if they don't hang on to my personal favourite players !!!!!!
This is what I don't get. Football is a business. We all have favorite players, but the organization has to put together the best team it can every year. Sometimes that means making decisions we don't like or don't understand. Jim Popp can be wrong just like anybody else, but after a decade of staggering on-field success and coming off back-to-back Grey Cups, you'd think we could get some kind of respite from the breathless hysteria any time a player is released or one of our players makes a decision, on his own, to sign with another team.